Selecting a helper can be a tough process, but Best Home Employment is here to make it as hassle-free as possible for you. Here are 3 reasons to choose Best Home Employment for your domestic help needs:

#1. Our Well-Trained Helpers Are Equipped With The Competencies You Need

Our helpers at Best Home Employment undergo a comprehensive and rigorous training programme administered by our partner training company, Aries Training and Consultancy. This training happens both in the home country of the helper and upon arrival in Singapore.

Our domestic helpers first receive training in their home country in the recruitment phase. Here, they are trained in core competencies such as housekeeping skills, caregiving and cooking in our own training centres. Best Home Employment has set up our own training centres in Myanmar and the Philippines to ensure excellent and consistent standards of training. Our helpers also then receive additional training when they arrive in Singapore.

Following the principles of  

                                 O - observe   R - remember   A - ask   L - listen

ORAL enables the selected Best Home Employment helpers to be effective learners and helpers to you.

Key management staff at Best Home Employment work closely with Aries Training and Consulting to ensure the helpers are trained in soft skills including effective communication with their employer, healthy cooking and personal and kitchen hygiene. This well-rounded training enables us to ensure that your helper is best equipped to help you create your best home.

Aside from these core skills, to acclimatize and prepare our helpers to take on their work duties, our newly-arrived foreign domestic workers attend an Onboarding and Integration Program (OIP) run by Aries Training and Consultancy. This program aims to minimize culture shock and equip our helpers with the knowledge about the Singapore landscape. During this program, those enrolled are familiarized with the local MRT system, introduced to Singaporean lingo and common household tasks like water and energy saving techniques and dengue prevention. 

#2. Our Dedicated Staff Will Be There To Guide You Through The Entire Process

The process of selecting and hiring domestic help can be long and tedious. Rest assured that our experienced and skilled staff at Best Home Employment will be there to guide you every step of the way. Our staff have worked with us for 3 years or more, and are well-versed with the industry and our offerings at Best Home Employment.

Whether it’s deciding on the type of domestic help you need, selecting a helper who best fits your requirements or helping you with the legal requirements of employing a foreign domestic helper, we are focused on providing you with the best customer experience.

With us, you get peace of mind from knowing that you have a partner to help you create your best home.

If you’re looking to hire domestic help, contact us now! We offer a no-obligation consultation.

Simply call us at +65 6462 7055 (Bukit Timah branch) or +65 6554 2822 (Thomson branch). You can also use our Contact Form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.  

#3. Get The Type of Domestic Help That Suits You Best

When it comes to domestic help, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Today’s modern and fast-paced lifestyle in Singapore means that the needs of families have changed and become more complex.

For many busy families, a live-in domestic helper is the ideal solution to help manage the household and home. Depending on your specific needs, we can help match you with the type of helper that would be the best fit.

On the other hand, other families may only require additional helping hands from time to time, or only with certain tasks or chores. At Best Home Employment, we offer a range of domestic help services so that you can choose what suits you best. Other than live-in domestic help, we also provide pay-as-you-go services. 

If you have any special requirements for domestic help, reach out to us for a customized solution!