Foreign Domestic Helpers of different nationalities possess different strength or advantages to match different requirements.  

New Helpers are recruited and trained in their home country. They are generally less experienced compared to Ex-Singapore types of FDWs whom had usually served a 2-year contract in Singapore. Therefore, the salary of new FDWs are also lower than those Ex-Singapore FDWs. Transferred maid are FDWs currently in Singapore and have been transferred out of the existing employment due to various reasons. The time-frame of getting transferred maid is shorter compared to selecting a new maid from the home country. 

If the application is done in correct manner to process the Work Permit for the helper, it takes anywhere from one week to four weeks for helper to arrive and start working for the employer. It also depends on the country of helper in some cases

No. You can only employ helper from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh as these are the Foreign Domestic Helpers source of countries approved by the MOM (Ministry of Manpower).


The maid levy (or foreign worker levy) is a pricing mechanism to regulate the number of foreign workers in Singapore. Employer of FDW must pay a monthly levy of 

As an employer, you don't have to pay Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions for your FDW. However, you must a pay monthly levy of $265 (normal) or $60 (concessionary). If your FDW is a first-time FDW, the levy will begin on the 5th day of her arrival (including the arrival date). Otherwise, the levy will begin the next day after she arrives.

The levy ends when the Work Permit is cancelled or expires.

As an employer of an FDW, you may be eligible for the concessionary levy rate of $60 per month if you are under any of these schemes:

  • Young child or grandchild scheme (below 16 years old, Singaporean, Living in same address as employer)
  • Aged person scheme (Aged 65 years or above, Singaporean, Living in same address as employer)
  • Persons with disabilities scheme (need to apply to the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) for a levy concession under the PWD scheme.

Visit MOM Website for more details.

A security bond is a binding pledge to pay the government (up to $5000) if you break the law or the conditions governing the employment of a helper. You are required to post a security deposit (bond) of $5,000 for every maid with the Work Permit Department, MOM. If you fail to repatriate the maid after cancellation of her work permit, you risk losing the $5,000 security deposit (bond).

Bonds usually take the form of an insurance. The insurers guarantee to pay the government should you break the rules; then the insurers pursue you for the money.

You cannot ask your helper to pay for the bond.


Maid Care

Currently, employers are required by MOM to buy medical insurance for their FDW, with a minimum cover of $15,000 for inpatient care and day surgery.

You should cancel her work permit immediately to stop the levy payment. You are then given 1 month to locate and repatriate her. Otherwise, you risk losing the $5,000 security deposit

You must repatriate her immediately.

Our besthome staff will assist to provide consultation to the maid to ensure she understands the performance requirement. If the consultation is unsuccessful, our BESTHOME staff will assist to transfer the helper out.

You will need the engage the service of a Remittance Service Provider that can assist in sending monthly salary back home regularly. You may approach our BESTHOME staff for advice or recommendation of a Remittance Service Provider.

Yes, Within 14 days from the date of to Singapore, she must get herself examined by a certified medical institution and only if she passes her medical test as deemed to fit for working then she can work for the employer. Such medical examination is required every six-month for the medical screening, for VDRL, pregnancy, and HIV.


You need to cancel a Work Permit within 1 week if:

  • The helper's employment ends before the Work Permit expires.
  • The Work Permit expires.

The helper cannot perform any more work once the work permit is cancelled, even if she is waiting to leave Singapore.

BESTHOME, as the appointed employment agent can perform the cancellation for you.

Yes. You need to purchase an airticket to the airport nearest to her hometown in her home country. You must pay all associated costs of sending her home, including the cost of the air ticket and check-in luggage allowance. You must ensure she departs within 2 weeks of cancelling her Work Permit.

Please contact our BESTHOME staff if you need assistance on the air ticket.


It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the repatriation of the FDW once the Work Permit has expired/cancelled. It is advisable to ensure the FDW clear the custom and leave Singapore. 

Alternatively, you may engage our BestHome service to assist in sending the maid for her departure flight. Please kindly contact our staff for more details.