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Key attributes to take note of when selecting your Helper (MOM's Guide)

  1. To look for a Helper that is suitable for caring your children, a mature and patient Helper is recommended. An Helper who has children of her own is likely to be a good choice.
  2. Consider a mature and patient Helper who is strong to move an elderly around and to speak the same language as the person who needs care.
  3. A handphone agreement is useful to lay down the house rules on when she can use her mobile phone. The best time to allow the Helper to speak to her own family is between 8 pm to 9 pm.
  4. Sufficient space and privacy is important to ensure your Helper has an uninterrupted rest to perform her duties daily and effectively.
  5. You have to give your Helper a weekly rest day. For every rest day forgone, you have to compensate your Helper with at least one day's wage on top of her monthly salary.

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Helper’s Tasks (Elderly or Patient Care - Part 2)

MOM recommend that employer has to ensure Helpers with additional caregiving duties can manage the assigned duties and are not overworked
To ensure that caregivers, including your Helper have sufficient rest, families can access to part-time cleaning and respite care services at eldercare centres and nursing homes for periods ranging from a few hours to a month
Helpers cannot perform clinical duties that can be administered only by registered healthcare professionals, such as inserting nasogastric tubes etc


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