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The importance of MDW Insurance

Ensuring Protection: The Imperative of Migrant Domestic Worker Insurance in Singapore

Migrant domestic workers (MDW's) hailing from countries across Asia, play a crucial role in supporting households in Singapore by undertaking various domestic duties, from caregiving to housekeeping. However, due to the nature of their work, MDW's face a range of hazards in the course of their duties. Additionally, instances of abuse, though not the norm, underscore the importance of comprehensive protection mechanisms.

Understanding the Insurance Framework

To address these concerns, Singapore has instituted mandatory insurance requirements for employers hiring migrant domestic workers. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) stipulates that from 1 July 2023, employers must purchase medical insurance coverage with a minimum annual limit of SGD 60,000 per worker for inpatient care and day surgery during their stay in Singapore. Additionally, they must secure personal accident insurance with a minimum coverage of SGD 60,000 per year for accidental death and permanent disability arising from work-related incidents.

Additional Considerations

The insurance considerations extend beyond medical and accident coverage to include other critical aspects of welfare. Employers are obligated to provide a security bond or purchase a comprehensive insurance policy to cover various scenarios such as runaway cases, repatriation expenses, and liability arising from the termination of employment. These measures aim to ensure that migrant domestic workers have access to essential services and support channels in times of need.

Here at Best Home, we understand that there are numerous types of MDW insurances, with a large variety of accompanying coverages. This often results in confusion when deciding on the right insurances for MDW's. The most affordable offerings may not be the most suited, as they may miss out key coverages or provide pay outs that are too low in amount.

Best Home's Offerings

With 29 years of experience in providing matching services between employers and MDW employees, Best Home agents have short listed the best insurance plans available, under the FWD insurance umbrella (an industry wide trusted insurance company). We will be able to assist you today in choosing the best available insurance plans. Speak with our agents today using our chat feature on your screen. We look forward to connecting with you.

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