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Our helpers at Best Home Employment undergo a comprehensive and rigorous training programme administered by our partner training company, Aries Training and Consultancy. Aries Training and Consultancy is helmed by Mr. Chua Ching Kok who has 8-years of experience in the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Foreign Manpower Management Division and he thus oversees the curriculum planning both locally and overseas. 

Our domestic helpers first receive training in their home country in the recruitment phase. To ensure consistent and high standards of training, we have set up our own training centres in Myanmar and the Philippines. Our helpers also then receive more training when they arrive in Singapore. Here, they learn to be effective helpers for you, thanks to our specially-designed courses on essential workplace and communication skills.

Key management staff at Best Home Employment work closely with Aries Training and Consultancy to ensure the helpers are trained in core competencies such as healthy cooking, housekeeping skills and caregiving. With well-rounded training, we ensure that your helper is best equipped to help you create your best home.

Aside from the core skills, to acclimatize and prepare our helpers to take on their work duties, our newly-arrived foreign domestic workers attend an Onboarding and Integration Program (OIP) also run by Aries Training and Consultancy. This programme aims to minimise culture shock and equip our helpers with knowledge about the Singapore landscape. During this program, those enrolled are familiarised with the local MRT system, introduced to Singaporean lingo and common household tasks like water and energy saving techniques and dengue prevention. 

Specialised Skills
Healthy Cooking

Healthy Cooking

Caregiving Skills

Caregiving Skills

Baby Childcare and Confinement

Childcare and Confinement

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