Our Well-Trained Helpers Are Equipped With The Competencies You Need

Our helpers at Best Home Employment undergo a comprehensive and rigorous training programme administered by our partner training company, Aries Training and Consultancy Pte Ltd. This training happens both in the home country of the helper and upon arrival in Singapore.


Our domestic helpers first receive training in their home country in the recruitment phase. To ensure good and consistent standards of training, we have set up our own training centres in Myanmar and the Philippines. Our helpers also then receive more training when they arrive in Singapore. Following the principles of  

O - observe   R - remember   A - ask   L - listen

 ORAL enables the selected Best Home Employment helpers to be effective learners in these sessions.

Key management staff at Best Home Employment work closely with Aries Training to ensure the helpers are trained in core competencies such as healthy cooking, housekeeping skills, caregiving and effective communication with their employer. With well-rounded training, we ensure that your helper is best equipped to help you create your best home.

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