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Being an industry leader since 1996, Best Home understands that successful match making begins with excellent recruitment. Our recruitment teams are stationed overseas at source countries. We personally interview and shortlist only the best candidates, and upload their information into our database daily. Selected maids go through certified training programs before and after they arrive in Singapore.

best home recruits our maids personally
best home maids undergo medical checks before they arrive

Best Home 安利康还提供其他与帮手相关的服务,例如:

  • 提前安置计划 (APS)。 Best Home 是新加坡为数不多的经人力部批准先引进外佣到新加坡,方便与雇主面试的仲介。

  • 家居服务计划(HSS) 提供钟点清洁工或护理人员

  • 住家或住外的经过医学培训的外国护理人员*


Advanced Placement Scheme (APS)

Engage top quality new maids quickly. Interview APS maids, select your maid, and she can begin work within days.


Best Home offers live-in and part-time maids exclusively trained in taking care of elderly or infants. The well-being and health of your loved ones are in capable hands.


Our maids are specially trained in housekeeping at our overseas and local facilities, before and after they arrive in Singapore. They are ready to begin work.

Transfer Helpers

Access a pool of transfer maids for faster placement and minimal waiting time. We only recommend those with excellent employment records.

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