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30 years of service excellence
Top maid employment agency in Singapore

We serve thousands of families in Singapore!


Since 1996, Best Home Employment has been a trusted maid agency recommended by thousands of families in Singapore. We ensure high quality training for our maids before and after their arrival in Singapore. To ensure consistent and top-notch training, our Director Mr Tay personally helms the development of recruitment and training programmes, working hand-in-hand with local training teams as well as overseas training centres.

We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive information in our helpers’ resumes that are accurate down to the finest details. Our recruitment team travels to source countries to interview candidates, and conducts medical checks personally. From their previous employment to height and weight, family situation, blood pressure, obesity, and sugar level, our transparent and accurate appraisals are what differentiate us from other companies that offer maid services in Singapore. Also, we have a policy of no hidden fees.

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Best Home Employment is a top maid agency in Singapore, with an emphasis on excellent maid recruitment, training and responsive customer support.

  • Certified training before and after maid arrives in Singapore.

  • Recruitment team travels to interview candidates personally.

  • Excellent and responsive after-placement customer care. 


best home maid are highly trained in housekeepin


Worried about the paperwork, rules, fees and process that come with hiring a Migrant Domestic Worker? We are here to make your journey a smooth one! 


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