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View Maids' data conveniently from the comfort of your home


Don't have time to head down to our physical branches? Wish you could quickly view MDWs' biodatas? We got you!

Log into our online database to view MDWs' information and select your helper based on provided parameters such as age group, height and employment history.  To ease your selection process, we have also included our honest appraisals of each candidate and will recommend the types of work and families they are best suited for. 

As per the directive given by the Ministry of Manpower, "any other information of the FDW, including her full biodata, should be disclosed to prospective employers only upon request or via restricted access in EA’s website or any other electronic platform. Prospective employers will have to register with your EA before being granted access via a unique login ID and password. The prospective employer can then log in and view the FDW’s full biodata." Please register with us upon clicking on the link below so that you will be able to view the complete biodata of our helpers. 

get a maid fast with best home employment
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