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Safe and Comfortable Lodging for Maids in Singapore

Best Home operates a URA and MOM-certified maid transit centre, a sanctioned dormitory for maids. We offer:

best home provides maids with proper food
best home provides laundry services for maids to use
Daily provisions of three meals and snacks
Laundry Facilities
best home provides excellent maid lodging
best home provides comfortable maid lodging
Isolation rooms for ailing maids
Personal bed with comfortable linens
best home has our own training facilities
Recreation, Training & Counselling Rooms
best home provides maids with toiletries
best home provides safe maid lodging
best home provides wifi at our maid lodging
Wifi services 
best home provides filtered water at our maid lodging
Water dispensers
best home provides safe maid lodging

At Best Home, the mental well-being of our maids is our top priority.

In our accommodation, we've established a dedicated counselling room specifically for maids, collaborating with HAGAR Singapore—a renowned international non-profit dedicated to aiding women and children—to offer counselling services to our maids in need of emotional support.


Our Director, Mr. Tay, is actively involved in creating a welcoming atmosphere for our maids, with initiatives like the Honour Wall to celebrate the dedication of long-serving maids and the organisation of enjoyable events such as the Deepavali carnival. We consistently achieve a 100% satisfaction rate in surveys concerning the dormitory's cleanliness and the support provided.


We have the authorization to house newly-arrived maids, those awaiting repatriation, and individuals in the process of changing employers. If you are in need of temporary lodging for your maid:

best home is a trusted maid agency in Singapore
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