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Hassle-Free Renewal Of Maid Work Permit in Singapore- Fast & Affordable

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Work permit renewal 

Your helper’s work permit is usually valid for two years. You will receive a renewal notification letter from the Ministry of Manpower about 8 weeks before the permit expires. While employers may choose to renew the permit by yourselves, we regularly provide this assistance to ensure a smooth renewal process​, especially 0ur comprehensive medical insurance matters

On top of paperwork and ensuring all documents are in place, we will also guide you through important aspects like home leave procedures, bonuses and salary increments if relevant.


If you have any enquiries or would like us to assist with work permit renewal, feel free to contact us .


MDW Insurance 

Our staff are licensed trade-specific agents and we provide various insurance policies for MDWs from multiple insurance providers. We are well-equipped to advise employers on suitable insurance plans for your helpers. If your helpers are staying at our lodging, we cover their accident insurance. 


Ticketing and repatriation of helpers 

We handle all the documentation and paperwork required for repatriation and can also provide door-to-door transport as well as temporary housing for your helper. 


Helper exchange

This is a unique service we provide, which enables you to exchange your helper with ours even if your current helper is not from Best Home. Under this service, your contract with your current helper will be terminated and she will come under our responsibilities.


We will be able to provide you with a replacement helper of your choice at a discounted service fee.


Other services (non-exhaustive)

  • Short work permit extension 

  • Work permit cancellation 

  • Work permit card replacement 

  • Home leave application 

  • Helper home emergencies 

  • Bank account opening and SIM card enquiry

  • Counselling needs

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