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6-Month Medical Exams: Ensuring the Health of Domestic Helpers

Best Home

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Dec 6, 2023




One crucial aspect of employing domestic help is ensuring their health and well-being. Regular medical examinations are not just a legal requirement but a fundamental practice to ensure the health and safety of the domestic helpers and the households they serve. These check-ups play a vital role in maintaining a healthy living environment and detecting and treating any health issues.

Best Home Employment Agency is Singapore's leading provider of customised domestic help services. At Best Home, we understand the importance of finding the right support for your household. Our services range from general housekeeping and cooking to professional caregiving, all tailored to meet the unique needs of families in Singapore.

Understanding the 6-Month Medical Examination (6ME)

The 6-Month Medical Examination (6ME) is a mandatory health check-up for all Singapore domestic helpers. This bi-annual health screening monitors domestic helpers' general well-being and ensures they can carry out their duties. The 6ME typically includes tests for infectious diseases and other health conditions that could impact their ability to work or the health of those around them.

In Singapore, the legal requirements for these health checks are set by the Ministry of Manpower. Employers are responsible for ensuring their domestic helpers undergo these examinations every six months. The 6ME is not just a formality but a critical measure to safeguard the health of domestic helpers and their families. It's a proactive approach to healthcare that benefits everyone involved.

The Cost Factor

In Singapore, the cost of a 6-month Medical Examination (6ME) for domestic helpers can vary. The cost, usually borne by the employers, covers the necessary health screenings and tests mandated by the Ministry of Manpower. While ensuring the health of domestic helpers is crucial, these costs can add up over time, especially for long-term employment.

This is where Best Home Employment stands out with its exclusive corporate rates. Understanding the financial burden these examinations can place on employers, Best Home Employment has negotiated special rates with partner clinics. These exclusive rates significantly reduce the cost of 6MEs, making them more affordable without compromising the quality and comprehensiveness of the health checks. This cost-effective solution is part of our commitment to providing value-added services to our clients.

Benefits of Choosing Best Home Employment for 6ME

Choosing Best Home Employment for your domestic helper's 6ME comes with several advantages, primarily the affordability of our services. Our exclusive corporate rates allow for a complete 6ME significantly lower than the typical market rate. This substantial cost reduction can lead to significant savings throughout a domestic helper's employment.

Moreover, these reduced rates do not mean a reduction in the quality of medical services. Our partner clinics are selected for their professional standards and quality of care, ensuring that each medical examination is thorough and reliable. By choosing Best Home Employment, employers not only comply with legal requirements but also ensure the best possible care for their domestic helpers at a more manageable cost. This approach reflects our dedication to both the well-being of domestic helpers and the financial ease of their employers, setting a new standard in the domestic help sector in Singapore.

Additional Medical Services

Apart from the 6-Month Medical Examination, Best Home Employment offers various other essential medical services. These include general practitioner (GP) consultations and dental services to cater to the broader health needs of domestic helpers. Understanding their diverse medical requirements, we ensure that these services are not only accessible but also affordable.

Our GP consultation fees are lower than the usual market prices. We have also negotiated competitive rates for dental services, making dental care more affordable for domestic helpers. These services are provided by reputable clinics, ensuring high-quality medical attention. This holistic approach to healthcare underlines our commitment to the overall well-being of domestic helpers beyond just the mandatory health checks.

The Process and Convenience

Availing these medical services through Best Home Employment is a straightforward and hassle-free process:

  • Contact Best Home Employment: Reach out to us via phone, email, or our website.

  • Schedule an Appointment: We will assist in scheduling an appointment at one of our partner clinics at a convenient time for both the employer and the domestic helper.

  • Attend the Appointment: The domestic helper attends the appointment, where they receive professional medical care.

  • Follow-up and Reporting: Any necessary follow-up actions or treatments are communicated, ensuring transparency and understanding.

Best Home Employment facilitates these medical examinations and services, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for employers and domestic helpers.


Regular health checks are vital for the well-being and efficiency of domestic helpers. They comply with legal requirements and ensure a healthy and safe environment for everyone involved. Best Home Employment's commitment to affordable and high-quality medical services makes us a preferred choice for employers in Singapore. We believe in nurturing a healthy and supportive environment for domestic helpers, which reflects positively on their work and life in Singapore.

Are you ready to ensure the health and well-being of your domestic helper with affordable and high-quality medical services? Contact Best Home Employment Agency today! Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best care options for your domestic helpers at exclusive rates. Visit our website to learn more about our services and to schedule a medical examination.

Take the first step towards a healthier and happier home environment with Best Home Employment. We are here to assist you with all your domestic helper's medical needs!

Best Home

4 min read

Dec 6, 2023




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