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Best Home's Holistic Training and Support For MDW in Singapore

Jackie Tay

6 min read

Jan 10




In Singapore, Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) play an integral role in the fabric of society. However, transitioning to a new country, culture, and work environment can be daunting. Recognizing this, Best Home Employment Agency has set a benchmark in the industry with its well-structured onboarding and training program, ensuring the success and well-being of MDW in Singapore. 

This blog delves into the comprehensive approach by Best Home Employment Agency, highlighting their commitment to nurturing a supportive and empowering environment for MDWs.

Understanding the Onboarding Process at Best Home Employment Agency

The journey of an MDW with Best Home Employment Agency begins with a meticulously designed two-phase onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition and successful integration into Singapore's social and work culture.

Phase 1: Online Sessions at the Source

Before setting foot in Singapore, MDWs engage in interactive online sessions conducted by the Director of Best Home Employment Agency. These sessions are not mere formalities but are tailored to address the real concerns and queries of the workers. From understanding the cultural nuances of Singapore to setting the right expectations about their roles, these sessions lay a solid groundwork for the MDWs.

Phase 2: Practical Tours and Director Talks in Singapore

Upon arrival, the MDWs are not left to navigate the new environment independently. Instead, they are welcomed with practical tours, introducing them to the essential aspects of Singapore's social infrastructure. From mastering public transport like MRT and buses to understanding the shopping centres, the MDWs are familiarized with Singapore's day-to-day aspects.

Moreover, the Director of Best Home Employment Agency personally conducts talks, reinforcing the learnings from the online sessions and addressing any new concerns that might have arisen upon arrival. This hands-on approach ensures that the MDWs are not just physically present in Singapore but are mentally prepared and well-informed about their new life and responsibilities.

The onboarding process at Best Home Employment Agency is not just about fulfilling formalities. It's about building confidence, fostering understanding, and ensuring a seamless integration of MDWs into their new homes and culture. With each step, Best Home reaffirms its commitment to the success and well-being of the MDWs, setting a benchmark for what a truly supportive and empowering onboarding process should look like.

Comprehensive Online Onboarding Lessons

Best Home Employment Agency has meticulously crafted a series of online onboarding lessons designed to equip Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful tenure in Singapore. These lessons are informative and structured to ensure a holistic understanding and adaptation to life in Singapore.

1. Introduction to Best Home Employment Agency

The journey begins with an introduction to Best Home Employment Agency, where MDWs are familiarized with the agency's mission and the extensive support systems. The agency's commitment is evident through:

  • Provision of Free Toiletries: Understanding the initial financial constraints, Best Home provides a free set of toiletries to all MDWs upon arrival.

  • Discounted Medical Care Plans: Health is a priority, and to ensure that MDWs have access to medical services, Best Home offers discounted medical care plans, including 35 clinics and 3 dental clinics across Singapore.

  • Continuous Training: Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, Best Home provides ongoing online training, ensuring that MDWs are always equipped with the latest skills and knowledge.

2. Effective Communication with Employers

Communication is vital to a successful employer-employee relationship. The lessons cover:

  • Dos and Don'ts: Clear guidelines on effective communication, setting boundaries, and maintaining a professional relationship with employers.

3. Handphone Usage and Management

In today's digital age, responsible handphone usage is crucial:

  • Respect for Employer Privacy: MDWs are guided on the appropriate use of handphones, especially the importance of respecting the privacy of their employers when posting on social media.

4. Awareness about Illegal Money Lending and Scams

To safeguard MDWs from financial pitfalls:

  • Preventive Measures and Awareness: Lessons on identifying and avoiding illegal money lending practices and common scams in Singapore.

5. Dorm Rules, Healthy Cooking Tips, and Free Resources

Best Home ensures that MDWs are well-versed in living harmoniously in dormitories and maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

  • Dormitory Etiquette: Understanding and adhering to the rules for peaceful communal living.

  • Healthy Cooking Tips: Nutritional advice and cooking tips to promote a healthy diet.

  • Free Resources: Provision of free resources like menus and cooking guides to assist MDWs in their daily tasks.

6. Water and Electricity Saving Tips

Sustainability is a shared responsibility. Mdws are encouraged to contribute through:

  • Conservation Techniques: Practical tips on saving water and electricity, promoting a sustainable living environment.

7. Transportation Rules and Etiquette in Singapore

Navigating the public transport system is made easy with:

  • Guidelines and Etiquette: Understanding the rules, routes, and proper etiquette while using public transport in Singapore.

8. Problem-Solving as a Helper in Singapore

Empowering MDWs to handle challenges independently:

  • Conflict Resolution and Assistance: Strategies for resolving common workplace issues and information on seeking assistance when needed.

Through these comprehensive online onboarding lessons, Best Home Employment Agency ensures that every MDW is prepared for their job role and equipped to handle the social and cultural aspects of life in Singapore. This holistic approach underlines Best Home's commitment to the all-round well-being and success of the MDWs under their care.

Rigorous Selection and Training Process

Best Home Employment Agency prides itself on rigorous selection and training, ensuring that only the most suitable and capable Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) are placed in homes across Singapore. This meticulous approach is a testament to the agency's commitment to quality and excellence.

A. Deployment of Nurses for Accurate Physical Data Collection

The journey of an MDW with Best Home begins with a comprehensive health check. Nurses are deployed to conduct detailed physical examinations, collecting accurate data on height, weight, blood pressure, sugar levels, and eye health. This step is crucial, not just for the well-being of the MDW but also to ensure that they are fit and ready for the job's demands.

B. In-depth Interviews Conducted by the Management Team

Following the health check, candidates undergo in-depth interviews conducted by Best Home's experienced management team. These interviews assess the candidate's capabilities, attitude, and readiness to adapt to life and work in Singapore. It's a crucial step to ensure that the values and expectations of the MDW align with those of the agency and the families they will serve.

C. Comprehensive Training at the Source

Selected candidates then proceed to the training phase, which is as comprehensive as it is rigorous. This includes:

  • Practical Training: Hands-on training sessions covering the essential skills required for household management, caregiving, and other responsibilities that the MDW might need to undertake.

  • Online Training: Besides practical training, MDWs undergo online training modules designed and set by Best Home's training department. These modules are delivered in the helper's native language, ensuring clear understanding and practical learning.

Continuous Support and Development

Best Home Employment Agency's commitment to its MDWs extends far beyond the initial selection and training phase. The agency is dedicated to providing continuous support and development opportunities to ensure the long-term success and well-being of the MDWs.

A. Ongoing Online Training for a Year

Understanding that learning is a continuous process, Best Home offers ongoing online training for a year. This ensures that MDWs can continually upgrade their skills and adapt to any changes or new requirements in their roles.

B. Provision of Resources

To further support the MDWs in their daily tasks and personal development, Best Home provides a range of resources. This includes free menus for meal planning and preparation and Mandarin learning textbooks, empowering the MDWs to communicate more effectively and integrate better into Singaporean society.

C. Emphasis on the Agency's Dedication to the Helpers' Success and Well-being

At the heart of Best Home Employment Agency's operations is a deep-seated dedication to the success and well-being of the MDWs. The agency understands that the welfare of the MDWs is intrinsically linked to the quality of service they provide. As such, every policy, every process, and every resource is geared towards creating an environment where MDWs can thrive, grow, and feel valued.

Through its rigorous selection and training process, coupled with continuous support and development initiatives, Best Home Employment Agency sets a high standard in the industry, ensuring that MDWs are not just workers but valued members of the community they serve.


Best Home Employment Agency stands as a paragon of excellence and commitment in the realm of Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) integration in Singapore. Through its meticulously designed onboarding process, comprehensive training programs, and unwavering support, the agency has not only set high standards for the industry but has also redefined the narrative of domestic work in the region.

The agency's approach, characterized by its rigorous selection process, in-depth health checks, and personalized training sessions, ensures that every MDW is not just equipped with the necessary skills but is also prepared to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities that life in Singapore presents. The continuous support and development initiatives further underscore Best Home's commitment to the long-term success and well-being of the MDWs.

In a broader context, the comprehensive programs and support systems instituted by Best Home Employment Agency are more than just operational protocols; they are a testament to the agency's recognition of the invaluable contribution of MDWs to Singaporean households and society at large. By investing in the holistic development of MDWs, Best Home is not only enhancing the quality of service and life for the workers but is also fostering a culture of respect, understanding, and mutual growth.

As we reflect on the journey of MDWs in Singapore, it becomes evident that the success and integration of these individuals are pivotal to the fabric of the community. Best Home Employment Agency is at the forefront of this transformative journey, ensuring that every MDW is respected, supported, and given the opportunity to thrive. Through such comprehensive and compassionate approaches, the true potential of MDWs can be realized, benefiting not just the individuals but also the households and the broader society they are a part of. Contact Best Home now!

Jackie Tay