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Building Lasting Bonds: A Tribute to Long-Serving Domestic Workers in Singapore

Jackie Tay

7 min read

Feb 8




Domestic workers in Singapore are not just employees; they are the heartbeat of many households, providing essential care and support that allows families to thrive. At the forefront of fostering these invaluable relationships is Best Home, an agency dedicated to not only matching families with the right helpers but also ensuring the longevity and legality of these partnerships through meticulous work permit renewal services. 

Today, we highlight a particularly heartwarming aspect of our service—celebrating long-serving domestic workers with our Long Service Awards.

The Impact of Domestic Workers in Singapore

Domestic workers play a pivotal role in Singapore's socio-economic landscape. They enable parents to pursue their careers, assist with household chores, and provide care for the young and elderly, making them indispensable to the daily lives of many families. Their contribution goes beyond mere assistance; they become part of the family, building bonds that last for years, even decades.

Celebrating Milestones with Best Home

At Best Home, we take immense pride in the lasting relationships between domestic helpers and their employers. These relationships are a testament to mutual respect, trust, and care. A recent review of our records has revealed inspiring statistics: 732 of our domestic helpers have been with their families for over 2 years, 205 have crossed the 6-year mark, and an admirable 73 have been part of their families for over 10 years. These milestones are not just numbers; they represent the depth of connection and the strong bonds formed over years of shared experiences, challenges, and successes.

These statistics reflect more than just longevity; they signify employers' trust in their helpers and the care and respect they are treated with. A mutual commitment grows stronger with time, transforming professional relationships into familial bonds. The dedication of these domestic workers and the appreciation from their employers underscore the importance of recognizing and celebrating such enduring partnerships.

The Story of Trust and Understanding

Among the many stories of dedication, the journeys of Ms. Cristina, Ms. Reyes, and Ms. Ruffy with their respective families stand out, embodying the essence of trust and mutual understanding that Best Home strives to cultivate.

Ms. Cristina has been with her employer for 12 years, which speaks volumes about her reliability and the deep trust her employer places in her. Over the years, Ms. Cristina has become an indispensable part of the family, participating in the children's growth and contributing significantly to the household's harmony.

Ms. Reyes celebrates her 9th year with a family that has come to depend on her not just for her exceptional skills in managing household duties but also for her emotional support and understanding. Her journey reflects the emotional benefits of such long-term relationships, creating a supportive and nurturing environment for everyone involved.

Ms. Ruffy marks her 4th anniversary with a family that values her contribution immensely. In this relatively short period, she has forged a strong bond with her employers, demonstrating the practical benefits of stability and consistency in domestic help.

These stories highlight the emotional and practical benefits of enduring partnerships between families and their helpers and the critical role of agencies like Best Home in facilitating these relationships. By recognizing and celebrating these milestones, Best Home not only honours the dedication of domestic workers like Ms. Cristina, Ms. Reyes, and Ms. Ruffy but also encourages a culture of respect and appreciation that benefits everyone involved.

Work Permit Renewal: The Foundation of Long-Term Relationships

The cornerstone of fostering long-term relationships between domestic workers and Singaporean families lies in the meticulous attention to legal and procedural details, with work permit renewals being paramount among these. Timely renewals are not just a regulatory requirement; they are essential to ensuring the continuity and stability of the employment relationship. 

Best Home recognizes this critical need and has streamlined the work permit renewal process to make it as seamless and stress-free as possible for employers and domestic workers.

A. Streamlining the Process

Best Home's approach to work permit renewals is characterized by efficiency and thoroughness. Understanding the importance of these renewals, Best Home has developed a system that simplifies the submission of necessary documents, the tracking of application statuses, and the resolution of potential issues. This process is designed to preempt any disruptions in employment, thereby maintaining the harmony and stability of the domestic setting.

B. Supporting Employers and Domestic Workers

Best Home's support extends beyond mere procedural assistance. For employers, Best Home offers guidance on the requirements and timelines for renewals, ensuring they are well informed and prepared. This includes reminders well in advance of expiration dates, assistance in gathering the necessary documentation, and advice on any changes in regulations that may affect the renewal process.

For domestic workers, Best Home's support is equally comprehensive. The agency assists in understanding their rights and obligations under Singaporean law, ensuring they are fully aware of the renewal process and its significance. Additionally, Best Home offers resources and support for domestic workers to enhance their skills and qualifications, thereby increasing their value to their employers and promoting a positive and productive working relationship.

C. Ensuring Compliance and Stability

By facilitating timely work permit renewals, Best Home is crucial in ensuring legal compliance, a fundamental aspect of the employment relationship. This legal foundation is vital for building trust and confidence between employers and domestic workers, as it assures both parties of their rights and responsibilities.

Moreover, the stability provided by uninterrupted employment benefits the domestic workers and the families they serve. For domestic workers, it means job security and the continuation of a mutually beneficial relationship. For families, it ensures the ongoing support and services that help them manage their households efficiently.

Best Home's streamlined process for work permit renewals is more than just a procedural necessity; it is critical to nurturing long-term, stable, and harmonious relationships between domestic workers and Singaporean families. Through its comprehensive support for employers and domestic workers, Best Home facilitates a foundation of trust, compliance, and stability essential for lasting partnerships.

Best Home's Unique Recognition Program for Long-Serving Domestic Helpers

At Best Home, we pride ourselves on being the only Employment Agency (EA) in Singapore that meticulously tracks and celebrates the tenure of our long-serving domestic helpers. Our unique recognition program is designed to honour the dedication and hard work of these essential community members and to support employers in their efforts to renew contracts and maintain harmonious, long-lasting relationships with their helpers.

A Tiered System of Recognition

Understanding the value of loyalty and long-term service, Best Home has instituted a tiered recognition system that celebrates domestic helpers based on their years of service:

  • Bronze Certification: Awarded to domestic helpers who have completed 2 years of service, this certification acknowledges the solid foundation of trust and mutual respect between the helper and their employer.

  • Silver Certification: For those who have served more than 5 years, a Silver Certification is awarded, recognizing the sustained commitment and growing bond between the helper and their family.

  • Gold Certification: The pinnacle of our recognition program, awarded to those who have dedicated more than 10 years of service. These exceptional individuals have their names engraved in our Hall of Fame located in our dormitory, serving as an inspiration to others. Additionally, they are recognized as VIPs at all our social events, highlighting their invaluable contribution to their employers and the community.

Perks Through Our Membership App

Best Home offers different perks through our exclusive membership app to celebrate and support our long-serving helpers further. These perks are tailored to each category of long-serving helpers, giving them access to benefits and rewards that enhance their well-being and acknowledge their hard work. Our app ensures helpers feel valued and appreciated beyond their tenure, from health and wellness packages to educational opportunities and leisure activities.

Supporting Employers and Fostering Renewal

A key purpose of our recognition program is to support employers in their efforts to renew contracts with their helpers. By celebrating long-term service, we aim to highlight the benefits of maintaining stable, lasting employment relationships. Our program not only rewards the helpers for their loyalty but also assists employers in recognizing the importance of nurturing these relationships, encouraging contract renewals and contributing to a positive, supportive working environment.

Best Home's unique recognition program for long-serving domestic helpers is a testament to our commitment to valuing and supporting the helpers and their employers. We understand the importance of loyalty, dedication, and mutual respect in building happy, harmonious homes. Through our tiered certification system, membership app perks, and support for contract renewals, we aim to foster a community where long-term service is celebrated and every helper feels appreciated for their invaluable contribution to Singaporean households. 

Join us in celebrating our domestic helpers' dedication and supporting their continued journey with their families!

The Role of Best Home in Fostering Happy Homes

Best Home is more than just an employment agency; we are a community dedicated to creating harmonious homes. Our comprehensive services, from matching families with the right helpers to supporting them through the work permit renewal process, reflect our commitment to building happy, stable households. We are deeply grateful for the trust and commitment shown by both employers and domestic workers, and we look forward to continuing to support these partnerships.


The dedication of domestic workers in Singapore is a foundation of the harmonious homes they help create. Recognizing and celebrating this dedication is crucial in fostering a culture of appreciation and respect for these workers' invaluable contributions to Singaporean society. Best Home Employment Agency is proud to play a pivotal role in this process, leading by example through its comprehensive services and initiatives like the Long Service Awards.

We invite you to share your stories of long-lasting relationships with your helpers. Let's create a community of appreciation that recognizes the hard work, loyalty, and dedication of domestic workers in Singapore! For those needing assistance with work permit renewals or interested in learning more about the Long Service Awards and other services offered by Best Home, we encourage you to contact us. Together, we can continue to build happy, harmonious homes that are a testament to the positive impact of domestic workers in our lives.

Jackie Tay

7 min read

Feb 8