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Domestic Helpers Empowerment: Best Home's Maid Training in Singapore

Best Home

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Dec 4, 2023




In today's fast-paced world, the role of domestic helpers has become increasingly vital. These individuals do more than just assist in daily household chores; they become an integral part of the families they work for, contributing to their overall well-being and harmony. Recognizing the importance of skilled domestic helpers, Best Home has emerged as a beacon of excellence, dedicated to empowering these helpers with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

Best Home is a transformative environment where domestic helpers are equipped with diverse skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges and responsibilities of their roles. This commitment to excellence in training and development sets a new standard in the domestic helper industry.

Training Programs at Best Home

At Best Home, we understand that comprehensive training is the foundation of excellent service. Our training program is meticulously designed to cover all aspects of domestic help, ensuring our trainees are well-rounded and proficient in various household tasks.

Our unique dual-phase training approach is what sets us apart. This approach includes training in the helpers' home countries, followed by an advanced training phase upon their arrival in Singapore. This method ensures that our domestic helpers are not only familiar with the basic requirements of their jobs but are also well-adapted to the specific needs and cultural nuances of their employers in Singapore.

In-Home Country Training

The journey of our domestic helpers begins in their home countries - the Philippines, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Here, we have established state-of-the-art training centres where local trainers, in collaboration with our team in Singapore, provide tailored training programs.

These programs focus on critical areas essential for effective household management. Our trainees receive hands-on training in housekeeping, elderly caregiving, basic cooking, pet care, and infant care. This diverse skill set ensures that our domestic helpers can handle various tasks and situations they might encounter.

Moreover, understanding the importance of communication in their daily duties, we offer a basic English language course for those who are not fluent. This language training is crucial, as it not only aids in better communication with employers but also helps our trainees navigate their new environment more effectively.

Training in Singapore

Once the domestic helpers arrive in Singapore, their training enters a crucial phase, focusing on integration and advanced skill development. This stage is vital for acclimatising them to the unique Singaporean environment and lifestyle.

1. Integration into the Singapore Environment: This aspect of the training is designed to help domestic helpers adapt to the local culture, norms, and expectations. It includes familiarisation with the Singaporean way of life, understanding local customs, and navigating the city-state's diverse social landscape.

2. Advanced Training Modules: The training becomes more specialised and detailed at this stage. It includes:

  • Workplace Skills: Enhancing professional competencies such as time management, effective communication, and problem-solving in a household setting.

  • Local Communication Skills: Improving language proficiency and understanding local dialects and slang is crucial for seamless interaction with employers and the community.

  • Healthy Cooking: Training in preparing nutritious and varied meals, focusing on local cuisine, dietary preferences, and health-conscious cooking techniques.

3. Customised Training Based on Employer Needs: Recognizing that each household has unique requirements, Best Home offers customised training modules. These are tailored to meet the specific needs of employers, whether it's advanced caregiving, specialised cooking, or managing households with particular requirements.

The Online Training Advantage

In addition to in-person training, Best Home's innovative approach includes a comprehensive one-year online training program. This program offers several advantages:

1. Wide Range of Topics

The online platform covers essential topics, including 'Living in Singapore', 'Pet Care', 'Hygiene', and more. This broad spectrum ensures that domestic helpers are well-prepared for various roles.

2. Continual and Accessible Learning

The online format allows for continuous learning, enabling domestic helpers to access valuable resources and training materials anytime, enhancing their skills even after they have started working.

This approach provides flexibility, allowing helpers to learn independently and revisit topics as needed. It also ensures that learning and development are ongoing processes, contributing to the overall growth and proficiency of the domestic helpers.

Advanced Placement Scheme (APS)

The Advanced Placement Scheme (APS) is another cornerstone of Best Home's training program. This scheme is designed for domestic helpers who require or desire specialised skills:

Specialised Training Programs

Under APS, domestic helpers undergo training in areas such as eldercare, childcare, and advanced cooking. These programs are approved by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and are tailored to meet the high standards expected in these specialized roles.

Focus Areas:

  • Eldercare: Training includes managing the unique needs of elderly care, from medication management to companionship.

  • Childcare: Focuses on child development, safety, and educational activities.

  • Advanced Cooking: Equips helpers with skills in preparing complex dishes and managing special dietary requirements.

Through these comprehensive training modules, both in Singapore and online, Best Home ensures that their domestic helpers are equipped with essential skills and prepared to meet specialised needs and adapt to the dynamic requirements of their roles.

Support Beyond Training

At Best Home, we understand that the journey of a domestic helper involves more than just skill acquisition. It's about holistic support that caters to their emotional and practical needs.

A. Emotional Support, Check-ins, and Counseling Services

Recognising the emotional challenges of working in a foreign country, we provide continuous emotional support to our domestic helpers. Regular check-ins and access to counselling services ensure their mental and emotional well-being, helping them feel valued and supported.

B. Practical Support

To ease their transition into their new roles, we provide practical aids such as cookbooks, especially helpful for those unfamiliar with Singaporean cuisine. Additionally, we equip them with bank cards, uniforms, and toiletries, ensuring they have everything they need to start their jobs confidently and comfortably.

Ensuring Continual Progress

The journey of a domestic helper with Best Home doesn't end with training. We believe in continuous growth and support.

A. Role of the Relationship Manager

Post-handover, our Relationship Managers play a crucial role. They act as a bridge between the domestic helpers and their employers, ensuring smooth communication and addressing concerns. Regular check-ins by these managers help monitor the helpers' well-being and work satisfaction.

B. Ongoing Training and Support

We offer ongoing training opportunities for our domestic helpers and their employers. This ensures that our helpers are always up-to-date with the latest skills and techniques, and employers are well informed about how to best support and work with their helpers.


The role of skilled and well-trained domestic helpers cannot be overstated. They are pivotal in managing and enhancing the quality of life in many households. At Best Home Employment Agency, we are committed to equipping these helpers with the necessary skills and ensuring their continual learning and improvement. Our comprehensive training and support system empowers them to excel in their roles and grow as professionals.

Are you looking for quality training for your domestic helper? Or perhaps you're a domestic helper seeking to enhance your skills? Contact Best Home today to learn more about our training programs and how we can help you. We are dedicated to providing the best training and support, ensuring that our domestic helpers are well-prepared to meet the diverse needs of households in Singapore. Join us in our mission to empower domestic helpers for a better tomorrow.

Best Home

5 min read

Dec 4, 2023