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Empowering MDW in Singapore: Best Home's Training Approach

Jackie Tay

4 min read

Jan 8




Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) are integral to many households, contributing significantly to the local economy and social fabric. Best Home Employment Agency, a leader in the sector, recognizes the crucial role these workers play and is committed to their professional development and well-being. 

With a deep understanding of the cultural and work environment differences between Singapore and the MDWs' home countries, Best Home has developed a comprehensive training program tailored to bridge these gaps and ensure successful employment.

Understanding the Unique Challenges Faced by MDWs

MDWs in Singapore often encounter challenges from cultural differences and varying work demands. Best Home acknowledges these challenges and emphasizes addressing them to ensure a smooth worker transition. This understanding forms the foundation of their training program, which aims to equip MDWs with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in Singapore's unique work environment.

Best Home’s Comprehensive Training Program for MDWs

Under the supervision of Mr. Tay, the Director of Best Home, Best Home Employment Agency has established a robust training program for MDWs. This program is led by a team of experts, including a former Ministry of Manpower Director responsible for setting curriculum standards and conducting audits. 

Best Home collaborates closely with trainers in Singapore and the MDWs' home countries, ensuring a well-rounded and practical training experience. The program includes online onboarding courses conducted by the Director, practical tours in Singapore to familiarize MDWs with the local infrastructure, and talks focusing on coping strategies in Singapore. This comprehensive approach ensures that MDWs are well-trained and well-prepared for their roles in Singaporean households.

Critical Components of the Training Program

The Best Home Employment Agency training program is meticulously designed to cover various aspects essential for the professional development of Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) in Singapore. Here are the components:

1. Core Competencies

The training encompasses a range of core competencies crucial for MDWs. These include household management skills, understanding of local customs and etiquette, language proficiency, and basic healthcare knowledge. The aim is to ensure that MDWs are well-equipped to handle the responsibilities of their roles effectively.

2. Online Onboarding Course

The online onboarding course conducted by the Director, Mr. Tay, is a significant training feature. This course, conducted while the helpers are still in their home countries, focuses on introducing them to Singapore's work culture and expectations. It includes interactive sessions covering practical aspects of living and working in Singapore, providing a solid foundation before arrival.

3. Practical Tours

Upon their arrival in Singapore, MDWs are taken on practical tours, including visits to MRT stations, bus routes, and shopping centres. These tours are designed to help them familiarize themselves with Singapore's social infrastructure, making their transition into the city smoother and more comfortable.

Director’s Personal Involvement in Onboarding and Orientation

Mr. Tay, the Director of Best Home Employment Agency, plays a pivotal role in the onboarding and orientation process for MDWs. His involvement underscores the agency's commitment to its workers' welfare and professional development.

  • Conducting the Onboarding Process: Mr. Tay personally conducts the onboarding process, ensuring that each MDW receives the attention and guidance needed to start their journey in Singapore on the right foot. His involvement in the online courses and practical tours demonstrates a hands-on approach to training.

  • Director's Talk on Coping Strategies: A vital element of the orientation is the Director's talk, where Mr. Tay addresses the common challenges that MDWs may face in Singapore and discusses effective coping strategies. This session is crucial in preparing the MDWs mentally and emotionally for their new environment and responsibilities.

Through these comprehensive training components and the Director’s involvement, Best Home Employment Agency ensures that their MDWs are equipped with the necessary skills and mentally prepared to adapt to life and work in Singapore. This holistic approach to training reflects the agency's dedication to the well-being and success of its MDWs.

Impact of the Training on MDWs’ Assimilation and Performance

The training program at Best Home Employment Agency has profoundly impacted the assimilation and performance of Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) in Singapore. The training has played a crucial role in helping MDWs assimilate into the Singaporean culture and work environment. 

By addressing the cultural and practical aspects of living and working in Singapore, the program has significantly reduced the initial challenges faced by MDWs. This has led to enhanced work performance, with many employers noting a marked improvement in the efficiency and adaptability of their domestic helpers.


The comprehensive training program for MDWs at Best Home Employment Agency is more than just a skill-building initiative; it's a crucial step towards ensuring these essential workers' well-being and professional growth. Best Home has set a benchmark in the industry for MDW training by focusing on both the practical and emotional aspects of their roles.

For those interested in learning more about the training program or seeking to engage the services of a well-trained MDW, Best Home Employment Agency invites you to get in touch. Whether you are an MDW looking for training and employment or an employer seeking a skilled and adaptable domestic helper, Best Home is ready to assist. Contact Best Home Employment Agency today to discover how they can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Jackie Tay

4 min read

Jan 8




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