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Ensuring Uninterrupted Domestic Helper Support During Festive Times

Jackie Tay

4 min read

Mar 6




In today's fast-paced world, a domestic helper has become integral to many households, providing essential support in various aspects of daily life. At Best Home Employment Agency, we recognize these helpers' vital role and are committed to ensuring uninterrupted support for our employers, especially during festive seasons.

Understanding the Festive Seasons

The Muslim Fasting month, known as Ramadan, is a significant event in Indonesia. For Indonesian helpers, these festivals are a time of reflection, prayer, and community. During Ramadan, they often involve fasting from dawn to sunset, followed by a period of celebration and feasting during the New Year.

For many Indonesian helpers working abroad, these festive seasons are when they may wish to return home to be with their families or observe their religious practices. Employers must know these cultural and religious observances to ensure a respectful and supportive working environment.

In the following sections, we will delve into Best Home Employment Agency's proactive measures to ensure that our employers are well-informed and prepared for these festive seasons and how we strive to provide continuous support without compromising the well-being of our domestic helper.

Proactive Domestic Helper Recruitment Strategies

Best Home Employment Agency has implemented proactive recruitment strategies to ensure that our employers have access to reliable and uninterrupted helper support during the festive seasons. Our approach includes the following key aspects:

  • Visiting Indonesian Training Centers: Our team has been actively travelling to various training centers across Indonesia. These visits are crucial for us to meet potential helpers in person, assess their skills, and understand their preferences and availability.

  • Personal Agreements with the Domestic Helper: During our visits, we prioritize having direct conversations with the domestic helper about their availability during the fasting month of Ramadan and the New Year celebrations. By reaching personal agreements, we can plan effectively and ensure that our employers are matched with available helpers committed to working during these periods.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Understanding our helpers' cultural and religious practices is vital. Our recruitment process respects these practices, ensuring that the domestic helper who wishes to observe the fasting month or celebrate the New Year with their families can do so without feeling obligated to work during these times.

  • Clear Communication: We believe in maintaining transparency with our employers. By clearly communicating the availability of helpers during festive seasons, we prevent misunderstandings and ensure that employers can make informed decisions when selecting a domestic helper.

Through these proactive recruitment strategies, Best Home Employment Agency aims to provide seamless support to our employers while respecting the cultural and religious practices of our domestic helper. This balanced approach fosters a harmonious working relationship and ensures that both employers and helpers are satisfied.

Ensuring Uninterrupted Support

To ensure that our employers have access to uninterrupted domestic helper support during the festive seasons, Best Home Employment Agency has put in place several strategies:

  • Advance Planning: We encourage employers to plan ahead for their domestic helper needs during the festive seasons. This allows us to match them with helpers who are available to work during these periods.

  • Flexibility in Scheduling: We work with our domestic helper to arrange flexible schedules that accommodate their observance of the fasting month or participation in the New Year celebrations while still ensuring that employers' needs are met.

  • Backup Support: In case of unforeseen circumstances, we have a pool of standby helpers who can step in to provide temporary support, ensuring that employers are not left without assistance.

  • Clear Communication: We emphasize the importance of clear communication between employers and helpers regarding expectations during the festive seasons. This includes discussing work schedules, fasting practices, and any specific requirements the employer may have.

Special Considerations for Employers

We understand that some employers may have urgent requirements for domestic helper support during the festive seasons. To address these needs, we:

  • Priority Matching: Employers with urgent requirements are given priority in the matching process to ensure that their needs are met promptly.

  • Informed Choices: We provide employers detailed information about each helper's availability and fasting preferences upon arrival. This ensures that employers can make informed decisions and choose a domestic helper to meet their needs.

  • Support for Fasting Helpers: For employers who employ a domestic helper who chooses to continue fasting upon arrival, we guide how to support their helpers during this time. This includes advice on accommodating meal times and providing a supportive environment.

By implementing these strategies and considerations, Best Home Employment Agency aims to ensure employers and helpers have a positive experience during the festive seasons, with uninterrupted support and mutual respect for needs and practices.

Collaboration with Indonesian Staff

To further enhance our service and ensure uninterrupted support during the festive seasons, Best Home Employment Agency collaborates closely with our Indonesian staff. Our Indonesian staff play a key role in updating our system with detailed information about each helper's availability, fasting preferences, and other relevant details. This ensures employers have access to accurate and up-to-date information when making their selections.

By working closely with our Indonesian staff, we ensure transparency and clarity in the information provided to both employers and helpers. This helps build trust and ensures that both parties have a clear understanding of the arrangements during the festive seasons.


At Best Home Employment Agency, we are committed to providing uninterrupted domestic helper support to our employers, especially during the festive seasons. We understand the importance of these times for our Indonesian helpers and strive to ensure their cultural and religious practices are respected.

We encourage employers to plan for their domestic helper needs during these periods and to communicate effectively with their helpers to ensure a harmonious working relationship. By working together and respecting each other's needs, we can provide a positive experience for both employers and helpers.

For those seeking reliable and considerate domestic helper support, Best Home Employment Agency is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact Best Home Now!

Jackie Tay

4 min read

Mar 6