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Revolutionizing MDW Onboarding in Singapore: Best Home’s Approach

Jackie Tay

4 min read

Jan 2




Singapore, known for its vibrant economy and diverse culture, has become a hub for Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs). These workers play an integral role in the daily lives of many Singaporean families, offering essential services that range from household chores to caregiving. Their contribution is not just a matter of convenience but a vital component in the functioning of Singapore's societal structure.

Best Home Employment Agency emerges as a frontrunner in revolutionizing the onboarding process for MDWs. Recognizing the challenges these workers face in adapting to a new environment, Best Home has developed a unique approach to ensure their smooth transition into Singaporean society and work life. This approach equips them with the necessary skills and fosters a supportive environment where they can thrive.

The Onboarding Process: A Two-Pronged Approach

Best Home's onboarding process for MDWs is meticulously designed to cover all aspects of their new life in Singapore. This process is divided into two main stages:

1. Online Sessions Conducted by the Director

Before arriving in Singapore, MDWs attend online sessions led by Best Home Employment Agency's Director. These sessions are crucial in preparing them for the cultural and professional landscape they will encounter. Topics range from understanding the local work environment to adapting to cultural nuances.

2. Practical Tours in Singapore

Upon arrival, MDWs are taken on practical tours around Singapore. These tours include visits to MRT stations, bus stops, and shopping centers. The objective is to familiarize them with the city's infrastructure, helping them easily navigate their daily commute and personal errands.

Comprehensive Online Onboarding Lessons for MDW

The online onboarding lessons are a cornerstone of Best Home's approach, encompassing various aspects of life and work in Singapore:

1. Understanding Best Home's Mission and Support System

MDWs are introduced to Best Home's mission centered around their success and well-being. Best Home Employment Agency provides a robust support system, including essentials like toiletries, a comprehensive medical care plan accessible at multiple clinics, and continuous training opportunities. This support system is designed to make them feel valued and cared for.

2. Effective Communication with Employers

Best Home Employment Agency places a strong emphasis on building a healthy employer-helper relationship. MDWs are guided on effective communication strategies understanding the balance of professionalism and personal boundaries. This includes learning the dos and don'ts of interacting with their employers, an essential skill for a harmonious work environment.

3. Handphone Usage and Social Media Etiquette

In today's digital age, responsible use of technology is crucial. MDWs are educated on using handphones and social media appropriately, focusing on respecting privacy and understanding the implications of their online activities. This training is vital in ensuring they maintain a professional image while also safeguarding their privacy and that of their employers.

Addressing Key Challenges and Safety

A critical aspect of Best Home Employment Agency's onboarding process is preparing MDWs for the challenges and safety concerns they may face in Singapore. This preparation is crucial for their well-being and successful integration into the local community.

1. Avoiding Illegal Money Lending and Scams

Best Home Employment Agency educates MDWs on the risks of illegal money lending and scams, which are, unfortunately common pitfalls for many newcomers. They are provided with tips on recognising these scams and the importance of avoiding unlicensed moneylenders. This education includes understanding the legal implications and the potential harm to their financial and personal security.

2. Understanding Dorm Rules and Adjusting to Life in Singapore

For many MDWs, living in a dormitory is a new experience. Best Home provides insights into dormitory living, including rules and etiquette, to ensure a harmonious living environment. Additionally, Best Home Employment Agency helps MDWs adapt to Singaporean culture, covering aspects like social norms, local customs, and effective communication strategies. This knowledge is vital for their comfort and integration into the community.

3. Emphasizing Healthy Living and Resource Management

A significant part of the onboarding process is teaching MDWs about healthy living and resource management. This includes cooking tips, mainly focusing on nutritious and cost-effective meal preparation. Moreover, they are advised on water and electricity conservation, promoting sustainable living practices that are economically and environmentally beneficial.

Navigating Singapore: Transportation and Public Etiquette

An essential skill for MDWs in Singapore is navigating the city's efficient but complex transportation system.

  • Transportation Tips: MDWs are given practical advice on using Singapore's public transportation, including the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and bus services. This training covers understanding routes, fare systems, and schedules, enabling them to travel independently and confidently.

  • Understanding and Following Rules on Escalators and Lifts: To ensure safety and compliance with local norms, MDWs are taught the rules and etiquette of using escalators and lifts. This includes standing on the correct side of the escalator, allowing others to pass, and observing lift capacity limits. These guidelines are not only about safety but also about respecting the communal aspects of public spaces.

Through these comprehensive training modules, Best Home Employment Agency ensures that MDWs are well-prepared for the practical aspects of living and working in Singapore. This preparation goes beyond mere job training; it's about equipping them with the knowledge and skills to navigate their new environment safely and confidently, enhancing their overall experience in Singapore.

Problem-Solving and Coping Mechanisms for MDW

In the journey of a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) in Singapore, encountering various challenges is inevitable. Best Home Employment Agency recognizes this and has developed a comprehensive strategy to equip MDWs with effective problem-solving and coping mechanisms.

Best Home Employment Agency provides MDWs practical strategies to address everyday workplace and personal challenges. This includes conflict resolution techniques, stress management tips, and healthy work-life balance advice. These strategies are designed to empower MDWs, enabling them to handle difficult situations with confidence and poise.

Best Home goes beyond the initial onboarding process, offering ongoing support to their MDWs. This support includes regular check-ins, access to counselling services, and a helpline for urgent issues. Best Home Employment Agency's commitment to their MDWs' well-being ensures they have a reliable support system to turn to whenever needed, fostering a sense of security and belonging.


Best Home Employment Agency's approach to MDW onboarding in Singapore is a comprehensive and empathetic model. By focusing on the practical and emotional aspects of the MDWs' experience, Best Home Employment Agency ensures a smooth transition into their new roles and lives in Singapore. The combination of practical training, cultural adaptation, and ongoing support highlights Best Home's commitment to the overall well-being of MDWs.

Whether you are an MDW, have employed one, or are simply interested in the topic, your insights can contribute to a broader understanding of the MDW experience in Singapore. Best Home Employment Agency continues to strive for excellence in this field, and your input can help shape the future of MDW onboarding and support in Singapore. Contact Best Home now!

Jackie Tay

4 min read

Jan 2