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The 7 Advantages of Choosing Best Home Employment Pte Ltd's Comprehensive Insurance

Jackie Tay

5 min read

Aug 2, 2023




Ensuring the well-being of our domestic helpers is not only a moral responsibility, but, in Singapore, it's a legal requirement. Every domestic helper employer must provide adequate medical insurance coverage for their helpers. However, understanding and navigating the intricate web of insurance policies can be daunting. This is where Best Home Employment Pte Ltd comes into the picture. Our agency offers comprehensive insurance coverage emphasising GP visits and clinic expenses, leading the way in providing cost-effective and all-encompassing protection for your domestic helpers.

The Advantages of Choosing Best Home Employment Pte Ltd's Comprehensive Insurance

Direct Dealing – Lowering Your Insurance Premiums

Unlike other agencies that inflate insurance premiums due to broker intermediation, Best Home Employment Pte Ltd goes straight to the source. We deal directly with insurance companies, eliminating the need for brokers and cutting down on administrative costs. As a result, we can pass the savings onto our clients by offering them competitive premiums on their insurance packages.

Consider the case of one of our loyal clients. Initially, she engaged with another agency that used insurance brokers, resulting in high premium rates. Since she switched to our agency, her premiums have dropped significantly due to our direct dealings with insurance companies. This cost-effective approach ensures that our client enjoys lower premiums without compromising the breadth of coverage.

Tailored Insurance Solutions

While the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) only mandates hospitalization coverage, we believe in the importance of outpatient treatments. Our agency offers insurance policies covering GP visits and clinic expenses, ensuring your domestic helpers receive prompt and proper medical attention in all circumstances, not just emergencies.

With Best Home Employment, we offer insurance policies that cater specifically to our client's needs. For instance, an employer, who had previously only provided his domestic helper with the MOM-mandated hospitalization coverage, switched to our agency and now enjoys a comprehensive policy that includes outpatient treatments. This move provided his helper with timely access to medical care when she experienced a severe bout of flu, saving him from unforeseen out-of-pocket expenses.

Financial Relief for Employers

By incorporating GP visits and clinic expenses into our insurance policies, we ease the financial burden on employers. With these costs included in the coverage, employers can rest easy knowing their domestic helpers can access necessary medical treatment without worrying about hefty out-of-pocket costs.

Our broad coverage ensures your domestic helpers' well-being and significantly reduces your financial strain. Another satisfied customer had a helper who needed frequent GP visits due to a chronic condition. After shifting to our insurance plan, which covers GP visits, he no longer worries about these recurring expenses, which are now covered under the policy.

Transparency and Clarity

Transparency is one of our core values at Best Home Employment Pte Ltd. We make it a priority to articulate what each insurance policy encompasses to our clients clearly. This direct communication not only simplifies the insurance process but ensures that employers understand the fine print of their policies, including crucial details like policy refunds. For instance, unlike other agencies that refund directly to the brokers, we instruct our insurers to refund directly to employers, avoiding unnecessary confusion or delay.

Transparency is at the heart of what we do. Our client, who previously dealt with another agency, experienced difficulty with refund issues, which were convoluted due to the involvement of an intermediary broker. Upon shifting to Best Home Employment, she praised our transparency and direct refund policy, eliminating her frustrations.

Speedy Claims Processing

Our direct communication channel with insurers accelerates the claims process. In case of medical emergencies, our clients can expect quicker claims processing and approval, allowing them to offer timely medical assistance to their domestic helpers.

In an emergency, every second counts. When our client's domestic helper had an unexpected medical emergency, our direct dealing with the insurance company led to a swift claims approval process. Consequently, the helper received immediate medical assistance, and our client was relieved from the financial burden in a timely manner.

Keeping Up-to-date with Policy Changes

By dealing directly with insurers, we stay informed about any policy changes or updates in real-time. This means we can promptly inform our clients about modifications to their insurance coverage, ensuring they are always in the know and protected accordingly.

We keep our clients informed about any policy changes. When there was a recent update in the insurance policy concerning coverage limit, our client was promptly informed, enabling them to understand the new benefits and utilize them effectively.

Unmatched Customer Support

Our commitment to direct dealing allows us to provide top-tier customer service. Our dedicated insurance staff is always ready to address any concerns related to your insurance policy, providing peace of mind for employers.

Our commitment to direct dealing enhances our customer service. Our client, who had questions about her insurance policy, could speak directly to our dedicated insurance staff, who addressed her concerns immediately. This level of support resolved her issues quickly and built a trusted and enduring relationship.

The Importance of Comprehensive Medical Insurance for Domestic Helpers

Domestic helpers contribute significantly to our households by taking on numerous chores and responsibilities that we, due to various reasons, may not be able to handle. They are an integral part of our lives, and it's essential that we take steps to ensure their well-being. One such step is securing comprehensive medical insurance for them, a requirement mandated by the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. But why should this coverage be comprehensive and not just limited to the bare minimum? Let's explore the reasons:

Ensuring Well-rounded Health Care

Comprehensive medical insurance doesn't just cover hospitalization expenses; it extends to cover GP visits and clinic expenses. This is important because it ensures your domestic helpers can receive timely and appropriate medical attention in non-emergency situations as well. For instance, with Best Home Employment Pte Ltd's insurance policy, domestic helpers can visit a doctor for routine check-ups, preventive care, or treatment for minor illnesses before they escalate into severe health problems.

Financial Protection for Both Employers and Domestic Helpers

Without comprehensive insurance, the cost of medical care can quickly become a financial burden. The expenses of regular GP visits, medications, and other outpatient treatments can add up. Best Home Employment Pte Ltd's comprehensive coverage helps alleviate these costs, providing financial relief to employers and ensuring that domestic helpers don't hesitate to seek medical help due to cost concerns.

Facilitating Faster Recovery

Comprehensive insurance encourages domestic helpers to seek medical care promptly, leading to early diagnosis and treatment. This improves their chances of faster recovery and ensures they can return to work sooner, thereby minimizing disruptions in your household routines.

Mental Peace for Domestic Helpers

Knowing they have comprehensive medical insurance gives domestic helpers peace of mind. They know their health is valued and can access necessary medical services without fear of financial implications. This mental assurance can enhance their job satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

In Singapore, providing medical insurance for domestic helpers is not just an ethical responsibility—it's a legal requirement. Ensuring that comprehensive insurance coverage helps employers adhere to the law, avoid penalties, and foster a harmonious employer-employee relationship.

Enhancing Domestic Helpers' Well-being and Quality of Life

A comprehensive insurance policy indicates an employer's concern for their domestic helpers' well-being, enhancing their quality of life. It also boosts Singapore's reputation as a desirable destination for domestic helpers, attracting quality helpers who, in turn, contribute positively to Singaporean households.


Choosing Best Home Employment Pte Ltd for your foreign domestic helper insurance needs presents significant advantages. Our direct approach with insurance companies and personalized insurance solutions ensures you get cost-effective, comprehensive, and clear coverage. We prioritize the health of your domestic helpers while providing you with competitively priced insurance options, thus taking the stress out of insurance management. Choose Best Home Employment Pte Ltd for a transparent, responsive, and inclusive insurance experience! Contact us now!

Jackie Tay

5 min read

Aug 2, 2023