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Jimat Wang dengan Pemeriksaan Perubatan 6 Bulan Mampu Milik kami di Singapura

Semua pembantu perlu melakukan pemeriksaan perubatan mandatori enam bulan (6ME), yang biasanya berharga dari $60 hingga $120, ditanggung oleh majikan. 


Berita baiknya ialah, pembantu kami dapat menikmatinyaKadar korporat eksklusif Rumah Terbaik di klinik rakan kongsi kami untuk perundingan 6ME, GP serta perkhidmatan pergigian! Yuran perundingan GP adalah serendah $15 dan 6ME lengkap pada $45 sahaja, we akan berkongsi butiran lanjut dengan majikansemasa penyerahan. Untuk maklumat lanjut dan perkhidmatan perubatan lain:


Ini adalah faedah untuk MDW Rumah Terbaik sahaja!

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agensi pekerjaan rumah terbaik
  • What Are the Costs Involved in Hiring a Myanmar Maid In Singapore?
    In addition to a monthly salary ranging from $450 to $750, there are several other factors to consider when hiring a Myanmar maid in Singapore. These may include monthly levy payments made to the Ministry of Manpower, compensation for off-days, and living expenses, among others.
  • How Do I Hire A Myanmar Maid In Singapore?
    If you are looking to hire a Myanmar maid in Singapore, there are several steps that you need to follow. This includes shortlisting and interviewing potential candidates, applying for a work permit, and other processes for your selected helper. However, to save time and effort, you can engage the expertise of a reliable and reputable Myanmar maid agency in Singapore, such as Best Home Maid Agency. This will help you prevent future mishaps and make the hiring process smoother. Best Home Maid Agency also offers helpers from Indonesia, the Philippines, and transfer maids.
  • How Long Does It Take For My Myanmar Maid To Arrive In Singapore?
    Hiring a new Myanmar maid in Singapore may require several weeks for them to arrive. It is crucial to check with your maid agency for a timeline of your prospective maid's arrival. Additionally, you should inquire about legal requirements such as the work permit and employment documentation, as they also take time. By engaging the services of Best Home Maid Agency, you can enjoy a seamless and efficient hiring process. Our consultants will guide you through every step of the process, handle your maid's employment paperwork, and provide the necessary training to meet your unique household requirements.

Enhance your domestic helper's well-being and save on healthcare costs through our specialized services. Reach out to us to benefit from our exclusive healthcare packages and ensure comprehensive care for your helper.

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