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Best Home vs. Self-Sourcing: The Ultimate Guide to Helper Hiring

Jackie Tay

5 min read

Nov 5, 2023




Hiring domestic helpers can be daunting, with numerous challenges and considerations. Best Home Employment Agency, a renowned name in Singapore, is preferred for those seeking domestic help. Unlike the often unpredictable and unstructured self-sourcing process, Best Home provides a professional, streamlined, and highly effective approach to helper hiring. Their services connect employers with potential helpers and create harmonious home environments where both parties thrive.

This guide will explore why Best Home Employment Agency stands out as superior to self-sourcing, offering a unique blend of convenience, reliability, and quality service.

Understanding Best Home Employment Agency

Its comprehensive range of services is at the heart of Best Home Employment Agency's success. The agency prides itself on offering a diverse pool of domestic helpers from various countries, including the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar. This diversity ensures that families have access to a wide range of skills, cultural backgrounds, and languages, making finding a helper that aligns perfectly with their specific requirements easier.

One of the unique features of Best Home is its Advanced Placement Scheme (APS). This scheme, approved by Singapore's Ministry of Manpower, allows the agency to bring in helpers before hiring. This forward-thinking approach facilitates a smoother and more efficient interview process, ensuring that families can interact with and assess potential helpers in a more structured and timely manner.

Best Home's Household Service Scheme (HSS) also offers part-time cleaning and caregiving services, catering to families that may not require full-time assistance. This flexibility is a testament to the agency's commitment to meeting the varied needs of Singaporean households.

Best Home Employment Agency not only simplifies hiring domestic helpers but elevates it to a level of professionalism and efficiency that self-sourcing simply cannot match. With their diverse pool of candidates, innovative schemes like APS and HSS, and a deep understanding of the needs of Singaporean families, Best Home stands as a leader in the domestic helper industry.

The Benefits of Using Best Home for Helper Hiring

1. Thorough Appraisal and Training of Helpers

Best Home Employment Agency conducts a rigorous appraisal and training process for all their domestic helpers. This ensures that each helper is skilled in various household tasks and equipped with the right attitude and work ethic. The training includes cultural sensitivity, basic healthcare skills, and specialized training based on the helper's designated role.

2. Convenient Maid Search Engine with Specific Parameters

The Best Home Employment Agency’s maid search engine allows families to filter potential helpers based on specific criteria such as age, nationality, and skill set. This feature reduces the time and effort involved in the selection process, making it more efficient and targeted. The search engine is designed to match each household's specific needs, ensuring a better fit between the employer and the helper.

3. Availability of Specialized Services

Best Home offers specialized services, including medically-trained caregivers for families needing assistance with elderly or sick members. They also provide transfer helpers for immediate assistance, reducing waiting times and administrative hassles. This flexibility and range of services cater to modern households' diverse and sometimes complex needs.

Best Home's Unique Full-Service Approach

A. Comprehensive Service Offerings, Including Transport and Dormitory Facilities

Best Home goes beyond the standard employment agency services by providing its own transport and dormitory facilities for helpers. These facilities ensure that helpers are well-accommodated and can easily transition to their new work environment, which is especially beneficial for overseas helpers.

B. Ensuring Convenience and Peace of Mind for Employers

Including transport and dormitory services significantly reduces the logistical challenges for employers, particularly during the initial hiring phase or when the employer is away. This full-service approach provides employers with peace of mind, knowing that their helpers are well-cared for and that their transition into the household will be smooth and well-managed.

By handling these aspects, Best Home sets itself apart from other agencies, offering unparalleled convenience and care in the industry.

Comparing Self-Sourcing and Agency Hiring

The process of hiring domestic helpers can vary greatly depending on whether one opts for self-sourcing or utilizes the services of a professional agency like Best Home Employment Agency. Self-sourcing, while seemingly straightforward, comes with its own set of challenges and limitations. The most significant is the lack of a structured vetting process, leading to uncertainties regarding the helper's background, skills, and reliability.

Additionally, self-sourcing often lacks legal and procedural guidance, leaving employers vulnerable to compliance issues. The process can also be time-consuming, requiring employers to handle everything from advertising to interviewing and training.

In contrast, Best Home offers a streamlined, professional process that addresses these challenges effectively. Their approach includes thorough background checks, skill assessments, and training programs, ensuring that only the most qualified helpers are placed. Best Home also navigates the legal and procedural aspects of hiring, providing employers with peace of mind regarding compliance with employment laws. Best Home Employment Agency’s service is not just about hiring a helper; it's about finding the right match for each family's unique needs, a process greatly simplified and enhanced by their expertise.

The Advantage of Best Home's Dormitory and Transport Services

One of the standout features of Best Home Employment Agency is their provision of dedicated dormitory and transport services. The dormitory facility is a significant advantage, especially when employers are away or the helper cannot stay at the employer's residence. This arrangement ensures that helpers have a safe, comfortable place to live, which is beneficial for their well-being and adds an extra layer of security and reliability for the employer.

The in-house transport services provided by Best Home further enhance the convenience for both employers and helpers. This service ensures that helpers can be transported safely and punctually to and from their place of work. It eliminates the logistical challenges that often come with public transportation or self-arranged travel, making the daily routine smoother and more efficient.

These additional services offered by Best Home underscore their commitment to providing comprehensive, high-quality service. By addressing the living and transportation needs of helpers, Best Home enhances the working conditions for the helpers. Also, it adds a level of convenience and assurance for the employers that is hard to match through self-sourcing. This full-service approach is a testament to Best Home's dedication to excellence in the domestic helper industry.

Making the Right Choice: What to Consider

When deciding between self-sourcing and using an agency for hiring domestic helpers, there are several critical factors to consider. First, assess your specific needs and circumstances. Do you require someone with specialized skills, like caregiving or childcare? Are you able to dedicate time to the hiring process, including interviews, background checks, and training? Also, consider the legal and compliance aspects of hiring a domestic helper, which can be complex and time-consuming.

When evaluating your options, consider the benefits of Best Home's unique services, such as their dormitory and transport facilities, which provide additional convenience and peace of mind. These services demonstrate Best Home's commitment to the well-being of employers and helpers, ensuring a harmonious and efficient working relationship.


Hiring a domestic helper is a significant decision that impacts your household's daily life. While self-sourcing is an option, it comes with challenges and limitations that can be efficiently addressed using a professional agency like Best Home Employment Agency. Our comprehensive approach, which includes thorough vetting, training, and unique full-service offerings like dormitory and transport services, sets us apart in the industry.

Best Home's dedication to quality and convenience ensures a successful and stress-free helper hiring experience for employers and helpers. Interested in exploring the benefits of hiring a domestic helper through Best Home Employment Agency? Visit our website now!

Jackie Tay

5 min read

Nov 5, 2023