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Why You Should Hire A Myanmar Maid | Best Maid Agency | Singapore

Jackie Tay

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Jul 10




Best Home Myanmar maids smiling for a photo with Director Mr Tay
Best Home Myanmar maids posing for a photo with Director Mr Tay

Why Myanmar Maids Are Suitable For Families In Singapore

Singaporean households often require domestic help to manage daily chores, childcare, and elderly care. One popular choice among many employers is hiring a maid from Myanmar. This guide will delve into the numerous advantages of hiring a Myanmar maid, highlighting key aspects that make them a favorable option for households in Singapore.

Best Home provides top quality Myanmar maids to households in Singapore

Understanding the Background of Myanmar Maids

Cultural Affinity and Adaptability

Myanmar maids often share cultural similarities with Singaporeans, particularly in terms of food, festivals, and general lifestyle- especially for Chinese or Buddhist households. this cultural affinity makes it easier for them to adapt to Singaporean households, reducing the learning curve and enhancing their comfort levels. Their adaptability is a significant advantage, as it ensures a smoother integration into the family.

Language Skills

Many Myanmar maids are conversant in basic English, which is often a prerequisite for domestic work in Singapore. Their ability to understand and communicate in English facilitates better interactions with employers and other household members.

For our maids, Best Home employment offer language training programs even before they arrive in Singapore, to improve their English proficiency further, making communication even more seamless.


Affordable Salaries

One of the key advantages of hiring a Myanmar maid is the cost-effectiveness. Salaries for Myanmar maids are generally lower compared to maids from other countries. This affordability does not compromise the quality of work, making it a financially viable option for many households.

Training and Experience

Best Home Employment Agency ensure that our Myanmar maids receive proper training in various household tasks, including cooking, cleaning, childcare, and elderly care. This pre-training reduces the time and effort required for employers to train them once they arrive in Singapore.

Strong Work Ethic

Diligence and Hard Work

Myanmar maids are known for their strong work ethic. They are diligent, hardworking, and often willing to go the extra mile to ensure that household tasks are completed efficiently. This dedication to their work makes them reliable and trustworthy employees.

Best Home Myanmar maids are the best in Singapore

Respectful and Polite

Respect and politeness are deeply ingrained in Myanmar culture. As a result, Myanmar maids typically exhibit a high level of respect towards their employers and household members. This respectful demeanor fosters a harmonious working relationship and contributes to a positive household environment.

Best Home Myanmar maids are excellent elder caregivers

Versatility in Household Tasks

Proficiency in Cooking

Myanmar maids are often skilled in cooking a variety of dishes, including both local Myanmar cuisine and common Singaporean dishes. Their versatility in the kitchen can be a significant advantage for households looking to enjoy a diverse range of meals without the need for extensive training.

Childcare and Elderly Care

Many Myanmar maids have experience and training in childcare and elderly care. Their compassionate nature and patience make them well-suited for taking care of children and elderly family members. This versatility ensures that they can handle various household responsibilities effectively.

Best Home maids are well trained in infant caregiving
A Best Home maid specially trained in infant caregiving

Emotional and Psychological Stability

Support from Agencies

Reputable maid agencies, like Best Home Employment Agency, provide comprehensive support to Myanmar maids, ensuring their emotional and psychological well-being. This support includes counseling services, regular check-ins, and assistance with any issues they may face. A stable and supported maid is more likely to perform well and remain committed to her role.

Strong Community Bonds

The presence of a strong Myanmar community in Singapore provides a support network for Myanmar maids. This community bond helps them feel more at home and less isolated, contributing to their overall well-being and job satisfaction.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Compliance with Singaporean Laws

Myanmar maids are required to comply with Singaporean laws and regulations, ensuring that they have the necessary work permits and undergo mandatory medical check-ups. Reputable maid agencies, like Best Home Employment Agency facilitate this process, ensuring that all legal requirements are met. This compliance provides peace of mind for employers, knowing that their domestic helper is legally employed.

Ethical Recruitment Practices

Honest maid agencies, like Best Home Employment Agency, follow ethical recruitment practices, ensuring that Myanmar maids are treated fairly and with respect throughout the hiring process. These practices include transparent communication about job expectations, fair wages, and proper working conditions. Ethical recruitment practices benefit both the maid and the employer, fostering a positive working relationship.

The Role of Maid Agencies

Best Home Employment is the best maid agency in Singapore
Best Home Director Mr Tay personally helms maid training programs

Comprehensive Screening and Training

Maid agencies play a crucial role in the hiring process by conducting comprehensive screening and training of Myanmar maids. This process includes verifying their backgrounds, assessing their skills, and providing necessary training to ensure they are well-prepared for their roles in Singaporean households.

Best Home Employment Agency sets the industry standard when it comes to recruitment. Our recruitment team travels to Myanmar, in order to personally interview potential candidates. By meeting our candidates face to face, we can ascertain their competencies, capabilities, work attitudes, and other relevant characteristics. Hence, Best Home can ensure that all helpers' resumes shown to employers on our website are accurate and honest.

Ongoing Support and Mediation

Maid agencies also offer ongoing support and mediation services to address any issues that may arise during employment. This support includes regular check-ins, conflict resolution, and additional training if needed. The availability of such services ensures that both the employer and the maid have a positive and productive working relationship.

Best Home Employment Agency has excellent post placement customer service. We remain contactable, and always ready to assist employers and helpers, even after we hand over our helpers to their employers.

Personal Stories and Testimonials

Best Home maids are certified and well trained
Best Home maids receiving their certificates upon completing their training


Hiring a Myanmar maid offers numerous advantages for Singaporean households, including cultural affinity, language skills, cost-effectiveness, strong work ethic, versatility in household tasks, and emotional stability. Reputable maid agencies play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth hiring process and providing ongoing support. By considering these benefits, employers can make informed decisions about employing a Myanmar maid for their homes.

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Jackie Tay

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Jul 10