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Enhance Your Helper Skills with our Maid Training Center in Singapore

Our helpers are equipped with the competencies you need

Our MDWs undergo a comprehensive and rigorous training programme in both the home country of the helper and upon arrival in Singapore.​

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In Home Country

Best Home has set up our own overseas training centres in the Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia. Both Singapore and home country trainers work closely to provide training that is tailored to each individual.


Home country trainers will work with Singapore trainers to assess applicants’ capabilities and skills.


Local trainers will train applicants in core competencies – housekeeping, elderly caregiving, basic cooking, pets care, infant care. The Singapore team will closely monitor helpers’ progress.


Helpers who are not fluent in English will undergo a basic English language course for at least 30 days.


Helpers who have a basic competency skillset will be assessed at an appointed test centre for at least 7 days. Upon passing the assessment, which includes mental and physical aspects, they will be given a certificate to recognize their readiness for deployment in Singapore. 


On top of training at physical centres, Best Home also provides each MDW with an online one-year training programme, which MDWs have access to even before arriving in Singapore. The platform contains over a hundred videos and quizzes that cover 15 topics such as ‘Living in Singapore’, ‘Pet Care’, ‘Infant Care’, ‘Hygiene’ and more. This is to ensure continual and readily accessible learning content for our MDWs, no matter where they are.

In Singapore


Further training to integrate helpers into the Singapore environment and equip them with more in-depth skills.


MDWs continue with their one-year online training modules on top of of essential core competency courses. We also provide additional courses such as essential workplace and local communication skills and healthy cooking.


On top of core competencies, training includes courses on essential workplace and local communication skills and healthy cooking.


Depending on individual employer’s needs, Best Home will supplement customised training for respective MDWs accordingly to prepare them for work duties e.g. advanced caregiving.


Newly-arrived MDWs have to attend a mandatory Onboarding and Integration Program (OIP), which will be personally taught by our Directors. The OIP teaches helpers how to adapt to life in Singapore such as our local MRT system, the Singaporean lingo and norms, dengue prevention tips, use of mobile phones, healthy rest day programmes, crime prevention, water-saving techniques, and is aimed at supplementing the settling-in programme offered by the Ministry of Manpower.


Advanced Placement Scheme (APS) helpers will undergo MOM-approved training programmes such as eldercare, child care, advanced cooking before placement with employers.


In addition to courses, Best Home provides support in many other areas throughout their training and even after handover to employers, such as emotional support through continual check-ins and counselling services, cookbooks, bank cards and setup guidance, uniforms and provision of toiletries.


After handover to employer, our Relationship Manager regularly checks in with our MDWs and employers to ensure that all is well, and will work with employers to supplement respective MDWs with further training and support wherever required.

Best Home Online Training Program (Bonus Training just for our MDWs)

Best Home has an online training website  to enhance MDWs’ knowledge and skills such as caregiving, food hygiene, mannerisms, how to navigate around Singapore and additional English vocabulary.

All helpers will be auto-enrolled for this year-long online training to ensure continual progress even after joining their employers. Employers can also check on helpers’ progress by logging into the given account.

We encourage continual learning and are happy to provide training for your helpers, even if they are not from Best Home.


If you feel that there is room for improvement in certain aspects, we can also tailor or find relevant training courses accordingly.


To find out more about our training programme or for enrolment:

best home employment agency
best home employment agency
best home employment agency
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