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9 Reasons Why Filipino Domestic Helpers are Highly in Demand

Jackie Tay

7 min read

May 6, 2023




The demand for domestic helpers has steadily increased in recent years as more households seek help maintaining a clean and organized home, caring for children and elderly relatives, and preparing meals. One country that has become a leading supplier of domestic helpers is the Philippines. Filipino domestic helpers are highly regarded for their skills, work ethic, and adaptability to different cultures.

In this blog post, we'll explore nine reasons why many people prefer Filipino domestic helpers. They're reliable and affordable, making them a great option for those who need help around the house.

Reason #1: Highly Skilled Workers

Filipino domestic helpers are highly in demand because they are highly skilled workers. They possess a wide range of skills that make them invaluable assets to households abroad. For instance, Filipino domestic helpers are known for their exceptional cooking, cleaning, and childcare skills.

Many Filipino domestic helpers receive training in these areas before they are deployed abroad. This training helps them become experts in their fields, and they are often able to perform their duties at a high level of proficiency. Their skills allow them to complete household tasks quickly and efficiently, freeing up time for their employers to focus on other things.

Additionally, Filipino domestic helpers are quick learners, adaptable, and resourceful. They are able to pick up new skills quickly and are always looking for ways to improve their work. They are also able to adapt to different household routines and schedules, making them flexible workers who can handle a variety of tasks.

The importance of these skills cannot be overstated. For households abroad, having a domestic helper who can cook, clean, and take care of children and other domestic help is essential. It allows families to focus on other things, such as work or school, without having to worry about the day-to-day tasks of running a household.

Filipino domestic helpers are highly skilled workers who can perform a wide range of household tasks with a high proficiency level. Their adaptability, resourcefulness, and expertise make them invaluable assets, elevating the quality of life for households abroad. With their exceptional talents, Filipino domestic helpers transform a house into a well-organized and comfortable home.

Reason #2: Good Communicators

Filipino domestic helpers are great at talking with others, and that's why many people want to hire them. They know how to speak English really well, which is really helpful for families who don't speak the local language. They can also adjust to new cultures, which makes it easy to work with people from different countries.

They are also really good at listening and following instructions. They can tell others what they need and want, and that makes it easier to work together. They talk nicely and with respect to their bosses, which makes the relationship good. They can explain things clearly and feel confident when talking. They also want to learn more about talking with others and how to get better at it.

In summary, Filipino helpers are very good at talking with others. They can speak English, understand different cultures, and talk respectfully to their bosses. They can explain things clearly and confidently and are always trying to get better. This makes them a great help in any home.

Reason #3: Hardworking

Filipino domestic helpers are known for their strong work ethic and hardworking nature. They understand that their role is not just a job, but a commitment to their employers and their families. They go above and beyond their duties to ensure that their work is done efficiently and effectively.

For instance, they may wake up early to prepare breakfast for the family, clean the entire house, and take care of the children, all while managing their own personal tasks. They take pride in their work and always strive to deliver high-quality service.

This dedication to their work is crucial in gaining the trust of their employers. By demonstrating their hardworking nature, Filipino domestic helpers earn the respect and appreciation of their employers, who then rely on them for their daily tasks.

Moreover, their hardworking nature enables them to maintain their job and remain employed for long periods of time. This stability not only benefits the domestic helpers themselves but also the employers who can rely on their services.

Filipino helpers take their responsibilities seriously and work tirelessly to ensure that their employers' needs are met. Their commitment to their work is a testament to their character and is highly valued by households abroad.

Reason #4: Trustworthy

It's important to have trustworthy domestic helpers, especially if they have access to your home and personal belongings. Filipino domestic helpers are highly valued for being honest and trustworthy. That's why they are in high demand.

Filipino domestic helpers take their responsibilities seriously. They know how important it is to maintain their employer's trust, and they work hard to do their best. They are also loyal and dependable, which makes them even more trustworthy.

Employers who hire Filipino domestic helpers can be confident that their homes and belongings are safe. Filipino domestic helpers are responsible and reliable. They are also trained to respect their employer's privacy, which shows how trustworthy they are.

In addition to being trustworthy, Filipino domestic helpers are also compassionate, hardworking, and great communicators. They are valuable members of any household because they care about their employer's well-being. They go above and beyond their duties to show their trustworthiness.

Overall, Filipino domestic helpers are sought after for their trustworthiness and many other great qualities. Hiring a Filipino domestic helper can give you peace of mind knowing that you have a dependable and trustworthy helper.

Reason #5: Compassionate

Filipino helpers are kind to their employers and families. They know that their job is more than just doing tasks and chores. They also provide comfort and care to the people they work for.

One way they show compassion is by making strong relationships with their employers and families. They take the time to listen and encourage them. This makes the employers happy and helps them work together better.

Filipino domestic helpers are also kind to the children they care for. They treat them with patience and love. They try hard to help them when they are sad or worried.

They also pay attention to their employers' needs. They listen and offer good advice. They want to make a positive impact on their employers' lives.

Filipino helpers are known for their exceptional kindness, making them highly sought after by numerous families. Their genuine care for employers and their families shines through as they strive to create happiness in every household. Ultimately, Filipino helpers don't just assist; they bring warmth and heart to every home they touch.

Reason #6: Flexibility

Filipino domestic helpers are great at changing things up. This is why they are very wanted. They can handle lots of different tasks and make things work for their bosses.

Filipino helpers can wake up early or stay up late to help out when needed. They are always ready to learn and take on new responsibilities. This means they can help out in many ways and are great to have around.

The flexibility of Filipino domestic helpers is really helpful for families with busy schedules. They can work around the schedule and help out when needed. This makes them a great choice for families that need help but don't always have the same needs.

In the end, Filipino helpers are so wanted because they are very flexible. They can handle many different tasks and always do a good job. This makes them a great choice for families that need dependable help.

Reason #7: High Demand

Filipino domestic helpers are highly sought after in Singapore due to their outstanding reputation for being hardworking and skilled. Their ability to perform various tasks, including cooking, cleaning, and caring for children and older people, makes them an ideal choice for households needing assistance. This demand is driven by the well-known reliability and high-quality service of Filipino domestic helpers and their extensive training and experience.

Filipino domestic helpers are highly valued in Singapore for their positive attitude, caring nature, and exceptional work ethic and skills. Many possess fluent English skills, making communication with employers easier. Their ability to adapt to various household environments and cultural backgrounds is also appreciated.

As a result, Filipino domestic helpers are in high demand in Singapore, providing invaluable assistance to many families in their daily lives.

Reason #8: Training and experience

Filipino domestic helpers are sought after because they are skilled and have experience. They worked in many homes overseas, so they have a lot of know-how.

Before they leave the Philippines, many helpers receive special training in cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, the elderly and other domestic help. This makes them experts, so they can give excellent service.

The Philippine government also requires helpers to go to a seminar before they leave. They learn about different cultures, working conditions, and their rights. This way, they are ready for anything that happens while they are working abroad.

Employers may also provide additional training, such as new cooking or childcare techniques. This helps the helpers stay on top of their game and keep their skills up-to-date.

Overall, Filipino helpers are valuable because they are experts, adaptable, and hardworking. They give great service to their employers.

Reason #9: Competent

Best Home Employment provides a comprehensive training curriculum for competent Filipino domestic helpers customized to their needs. The program includes basic and advanced courses and video training to ensure they have the necessary skills for providing high-quality service. The training prepares them for various tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, and caring for children and the elderly. It demonstrates the agency's commitment to excellence.

Best Home Employment's training program goes beyond technical skills, emphasizing character-building in domestic helpers. We instill values like respect, responsibility, and empathy, which foster a harmonious working relationship with employers. Ongoing support and communication ensure our domestic helpers adapt well to their new environment and are content with their work.

This approach cultivates a positive employer-helper relationship essential for long-term success. Best Home Employment provides clients competent and ethical domestic helpers, promoting peace of mind.


Filipino domestic helpers are highly in demand for a multitude of reasons. Their skills, communication abilities, work ethic, trustworthiness, compassion, flexibility, affordability, cultural similarity, and availability make them an excellent choice for households in need of domestic help. At Best Home Employment, we specialize in connecting families with highly skilled and reliable Filipino domestic helpers.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best service possible and ensuring that every client finds the perfect match for their needs. If you're in need of domestic help, consider hiring a Filipino domestic helper through Best Home Employment. Contact us today to learn more about our domestic help services and how we can help you find the right domestic helper for your household, or simply look through our database of helpers’ biodata to start your selection process!

Jackie Tay

7 min read

May 6, 2023