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Discover Secure Maid Lodging Solutions with Best Home Employment Agency

Jackie Tay

4 min read

Oct 31, 2023




The role of domestic helpers has become increasingly vital in many households. These dedicated individuals assist in day-to-day chores and become integral to the families they serve. However, this essential service does not come without its unique challenges, particularly during specific times such as the holiday season. During these periods, domestic helpers and their employers often face a dilemma: where should the helpers stay if their employers are away or unable to provide maid lodging or accommodation?

This is where Best Home Employment Agency steps in, offering a solution that stands out in domestic assistance. Recognized for their comprehensive services, Best Home goes beyond the standard employment agency model. They uniquely provide their own dormitory for domestic helpers, ensuring that these vital community members have a secure and comfortable place to stay, regardless of their employers' availability or circumstances.

The Need for Secure Maid Lodging

Providing secure and comfortable lodging for domestic helpers cannot be overstated. These individuals, who leave their homes and families to work abroad, deserve a living environment that is not only safe but also conducive to their well-being. Secure lodging becomes particularly crucial when domestic helpers cannot stay with their employers, such as when the employers are on holiday or between job transitions.

Best Home Employment Agency recognizes and addresses this critical need through its dedicated lodging facilities. Their approach is not just about providing a roof over the heads of these workers; it's about ensuring their safety, comfort, and dignity. By offering a stable and welcoming environment, Best Home helps alleviate the anxiety and uncertainty that often accompany the periods when domestic helpers are away from their usual place of work.

Best Home Employment Agency's Unique Offering

Best Home Employment Agency distinguishes itself in domestic helper services with its URA and MOM-approved MDW (Migrant Domestic Worker) transit centre. This facility is more than just a lodging space; it's a comprehensive support system designed to cater to the various needs of domestic helpers during their stay.

A. Comprehensive Facilities and Services

At the heart of Best Home's offering is a keen understanding of what domestic helpers need for a comfortable and dignified stay. The transit centre has various facilities and services that ensure every aspect of their daily life is taken care of. This includes:

  • Nutritious Meals: Understanding the importance of a balanced diet, Best Home provides three wholesome meals daily, along with snacks, ensuring that the helpers are well-nourished throughout their stay.

  • Essential Amenities: The centre is equipped with essential toiletries and lockers for personal belongings, ensuring the helpers have everything they need for personal care and security.

  • Laundry Facilities: Recognizing the importance of cleanliness, laundry facilities allow the helpers to maintain their hygiene and comfort.

B. Focus on Comfort and Security

Comfort and security are paramount at Best Home's lodging facilities. The Best Home Employment Agency goes to great lengths to ensure that each helper feels at home:

  • Personal Bed with Comfortable Linens: Each helper has a personal bed, complete with comfortable linens, ensuring a good night's sleep.

  • Water Dispensers and WiFi Services: Access to clean drinking water and WiFi services are available, catering to the helpers' basic needs and connectivity requirements.

  • Isolation Rooms for Unwell Helpers: In line with health and safety standards, isolation rooms are available for helpers who are unwell, ensuring that they receive the care they need while preventing the spread of illness.

C. Mental Well-being and Support Services

Recognizing the mental and emotional challenges that domestic helpers might face, Best Home has established several initiatives:

  • Counselling Room and Partnership with HAGAR Singapore: A dedicated counselling room is available, and through a partnership with HAGAR Singapore, emotional support is provided to those in need, acknowledging the importance of mental health.

  • Initiatives for a Comfortable Environment: Mr. Tay, the Director of Best Home, has personally initiated several measures to enhance the living experience. This includes the creation of an Honour Wall to commend long-serving helpers and organizing events like the Deepavali carnival, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

These offerings underscore Best Home Employment Agency’s commitment to domestic helpers' physical well-being and emotional and mental health, setting a high standard for care in this sector.

Accommodation Flexibility

Best Home Employment Agency's lodging services are designed to be highly flexible, catering to a wide range of needs within the domestic helper community. This flexibility is crucial in addressing the diverse situations that helpers may find themselves in:

  • Newly-Arrived Helpers: For those who have just arrived in the country, Best Home provides a welcoming and secure environment where they can settle in before starting their new employment.

  • Helpers Pending Repatriation: For helpers who are in the process of repatriation, the agency offers a safe and comfortable place to stay during this transitional period.

  • Helpers Changing Employers: In cases where helpers are transitioning between employers, Best Home's lodging facilities provide a stable and supportive environment during this change.

By accommodating these circumstances, Best Home ensures that domestic helpers are well-supported at all times, regardless of their employment status or stage in their work journey.


Choosing the Best Home Employment Agency for maid lodging means opting for service beyond mere accommodation. It's about ensuring a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for domestic helpers. Best Home's commitment to providing comprehensive care, including physical, mental, and emotional support, sets a high standard in the industry. Their facilities are not just places to stay; they are homes away from home where helpers feel secure and valued.

For those interested in learning more about Best Home Employment Agency's services or looking to utilize their maid lodging facilities, you can reach out to them at:

In addition to their lodging services, Best Home Employment Agency offers a range of other services, which can be explored further on their website. One notable service is the Advanced Placement Scheme (APS), designed to streamline the process of hiring domestic helpers. For more details on this and other services, contact Best Home now!

Jackie Tay

4 min read

Oct 31, 2023