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Reliable Maid Agency Singapore: Matching You With Trustworthy Domestic Helpers

Jackie Tay

6 min read

Jul 2, 2023




Life in bustling Singapore moves at a frenetic pace. Amidst this whirlwind of activity, households often find themselves in need of reliable domestic help. The assistance eases everyday tasks and ensures a safe and secure environment. This article takes a deeper dive into a name synonymous with trust and reliability in this sphere - Best Home Employment. Our maid agency prides itself on its unwavering commitment to its clients.

Best Home Employment has cultivated a legacy of trust and dedication over decades, and today it stands tall as a reliable maid agency in Singapore. Their impressive experience and expansive overseas network place them at the forefront of matching families with trustworthy, trained, and skilled domestic helpers.

Why Choose Best Home Employment

In 1996, Best Home Employment was conceived with a simple mission: to provide top-tier domestic assistance to the households of Singapore. Over the past several decades, they have consistently achieved this aim, proving themselves repeatedly through their dedication to quality service and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Expert Team

At the heart of Best Home Employment is a team of professionals with industry knowledge and the ability to support complex employment-related inquiries. This team, steeped in expertise, acts as a sturdy backbone that holds the agency together, ensuring every client is well-taken care of. We pride ourselves on foreseeing and responding to market trends and providing clients with strategic guidance and actionable insights. This proficiency and our unwavering commitment to helping people find their best fit make us at Best Home Employment a reliable partner in your job search journey.

Customized Service Approach

One aspect that sets Best Home Employment apart from other agencies is our customized service approach. Recognizing that every household has unique needs, they have crafted a process that ensures a smooth and personalized hiring experience. Our commitment to enhancing customer experience is evident in every hiring process, making Best Home Employment a trusted choice for countless households.

Comprehensive Training Regime

The effectiveness of a domestic helper rests heavily on the extent of their comprehensive training, and this is an area where Best Home Employment excels. Best Home Employment operates training centers in the Philippines, Myanmar, and Indonesia, in addition to its center in Singapore. Trainers from the home countries and Singapore collaborate closely to provide a robust training program tailored to each individual.

From the start, home country trainers assess the applicants' capabilities and skills, training them in core competencies such as housekeeping, elderly caregiving, basic cooking, pet care, and infant care. An essential aspect of this training includes an introductory English language course for helpers who are not fluent in English. They undergo this course for at least 30 days to ensure effective workplace communication.

Following the foundational training, helpers' basic competency skill sets are assessed at an appointed test center for at least seven days. This assessment covers mental and physical aspects to ensure their readiness for deployment in Singapore. Successful candidates are awarded a certificate, a testament to their preparedness to deliver top-notch service in Singapore.

Advanced Training in Singapore and Continuous Learning

Once in Singapore, the training continues. On the contrary, it becomes even more intensive and specialized. Helpers continue with their one-year online training modules and take part in additional courses on essential workplace skills, local communication, and healthy cooking.

Best Home Employment understands that each household is unique, and so do its needs. To cater to these individual needs, the agency provides customized training to prepare the helpers for their specific work duties. These may include advanced caregiving or other skills per the employer's requirements.

To ensure the smooth integration of helpers into the Singapore environment, newly arrived helpers attend a mandatory Onboarding and Integration Program (OIP) personally taught by the directors of Best Home Employment. The program covers essential knowledge such as navigation of the local MRT system, understanding Singaporean lingo and norms, dengue prevention tips, the use of mobile phones, and more.

Helpers qualifying under the Advanced Placement Scheme (APS) undergo MOM-approved training programs in eldercare, childcare, and advanced cooking before being placed with employers.

Online Training Programme

In addition to the physical training, Best Home Employment extends its training to the digital sphere. All helpers are auto-enrolled into a year-long online training program, providing access to over a hundred videos and examinations that cover topics such as 'Living in Singapore,' 'Pet Care,' 'Infant Care,' 'Hygiene,' and more.

This comprehensive online training program ensures that learning continues after helpers join their employers. Employers are also given the ability to monitor the helpers' progress by logging into the account.

Post-Placement Support

The commitment of Best Home Employment to its helpers doesn't stop at placement. After the handover to employers, the agency continues to provide support in several areas, including emotional support through continual check-ins and counseling services, provision of cookbooks, bank cards and setup guidance, uniforms, and toiletries. A dedicated Relationship Manager regularly checks in with the helpers and employers, ensuring smooth operations and providing further training and support when necessary.

The comprehensive, meticulous, and tailored training regime at Best Home Employment ensures that every domestic helper is well-equipped to excel in their duties, aligning with the specific needs of every household.

Customized Domestic Help Services

Best Home Employment offers a wide range of domestic help services. These include live-in domestic helpers and part-time services tailored to the client's needs. Every service is executed with the same level of professionalism and dedication, making them a preferred choice for various households.

Not only do we provide a robust selection of services, but we also invest in a thorough and meticulous screening process. At Best Home Employment, we believe in providing the highest standard of domestic help. We ensure each candidate's qualifications, experience, and skills precisely match a client's requirements.

Doing so guarantees a harmonious working relationship that meets and exceeds our client's expectations. Our personalized and dedicated approach makes us a trusted provider of domestic help services, setting us apart in the industry.

Independent Recruitment Department

Recruitment at Best Home Employment isn't taken lightly. The agency houses an independent recruitment department that scrutinizes every applicant meticulously. Each potential helper undergoes a 1-to-1 interview at their hometown, ensuring that only the most suitable and trustworthy candidates are selected.

Customized Solutions

Best Home Employment prides itself on providing solutions per specific needs. Whether you're a new mother needing additional help, a busy professional requiring assistance, or an older person seeking care, Best Home Employment crafts the perfect domestic help solution for you.

The Team Behind Best Home Employment

Experienced Team Members

The success of Best Home Employment is deeply entrenched in its team's experience and a profound understanding of client needs. This wealth of experience extends beyond years in service to include an in-depth knowledge of domestic help services, contributing significantly to the agency's sterling reputation.

The team at Best Home Employment takes great pride in its dedication to clients, going the extra mile to ensure that every household finds the perfect match. Their expertise in the field, combined with a genuine understanding of the intricate nuances of domestic help, facilitates seamless placement processes, much to the delight of their clientele.

Trainers at Best Home Employment

The trainers at Best Home Employment form a vital part of the agency's foundation. Strategically located both in Singapore and the home countries of the helpers, they are instrumental in shaping the capabilities and skill sets of the helpers. With an uncompromising emphasis on quality and proficiency, these trainers painstakingly mold each helper, aligning their skills with the specific requirements of the households they will serve.

The training is meticulously tailored according to the individual capabilities of each helper, guaranteeing a seamless match between the domestic helpers and the families. The result is a workforce of well-equipped helpers, ready and capable of delivering the help every family needs, thus reinforcing the commitment of Best Home Employment to client satisfaction.

Diversity of Helpers at Best Home Employment

Variety in Applicant Pool

Best Home Employment takes pride in its diverse pool of applicants, which sets them apart in the domestic help industry. Their pool includes a healthy mix of first-timers and experienced helpers, each with unique capabilities and backgrounds. This wide variety allows the agency to cater to different domestic help requirements, thus ensuring that each household's special needs are met.

The agency's overseas network also allows them to have helpers from various countries. This global diversity enhances their ability to match specific cultural preferences or language needs, heightening their customization capabilities and service reach.

Specially Trained Caregivers

Recognizing that some households may require complex caregiving, Best Home Employment goes the extra mile by offering specially trained caregivers. These aren't your typical domestic helpers; they are medically trained individuals who can competently perform tasks beyond the scope of standard domestic work. This specialized service has been meticulously designed to offer professional and compassionate care to those who need it the most, like elderly family members or individuals with specific medical conditions.

With our caregivers, Best Home Employment ensures that even the most demanding of caregiving needs are met with professionalism, skill, and, most importantly, a warm, humane touch.


Best Home Employment has distinguished itself as a reliable maid agency in Singapore thanks to our unwavering commitment to offering top-tier domestic help services. Our success is built on a meticulously designed recruitment and training process that ensures every helper is well-trained and perfectly matches each household's needs. The agency's diverse range of services, from full-time live-in helpers to part-time assistance, caters to varying requirements, adding another layer to their reliability.

If you are searching for a domestic helper who comprehends and caters to your unique needs, your search ends here. Experience firsthand the difference that Best Home Employment can bring to your household. From expertly trained domestic helpers to bespoke customer service, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Don't wait to transform your home environment and enhance your quality of life. Contact Best Home Employment for a no-obligation consultation today, and take the first step towards a hassle-free domestic help experience.

Jackie Tay

6 min read

Jul 2, 2023