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Top 7 Tips for Hiring a Maid in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide to Simplify Your Search

Jackie Tay

9 min read

May 4, 2023




In today's busy world, many Singapore families struggle to handle housework and balance work and personal life. Hiring a maid in Singapore can be a helpful way to keep a tidy and organized home, giving you more time for your priorities. However, the process of hiring a maid can be challenging, especially for first-time employers. That's why we've put together the top 7 tips for hiring a maid in Singapore. These tips aim to make your search easier and help you find the perfect helper for your home.

In this complete guide, we'll talk about the importance of knowing your needs and expectations, managing legal requirements, and partnering with a trustworthy maid agency. We'll also share helpful tips on interviewing candidates, checking their backgrounds, and keeping a good working relationship. By following these tips, you can enjoy the advantages of having a dependable and skilled maid in your Singapore home.

Determine your needs

Before you search for the perfect maid, it's crucial to assess your household needs and establish the tasks you want your maid to handle. This will enable you to find the right candidate with the necessary skills and experience for the job.

Identifying household chores and responsibilities

1. List all the tasks you must help with, such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, ironing, and child or elderly care.

2. Determine the level of expertise needed for each task. For instance, do they have to be a professional cook or someone who can prepare simple meals?

3. Think about unique needs, like having a caregiver experienced in caring for people with special needs.

Full-time vs. part-time maid

Set your budget and the amount of work required to decide whether you need a full-time or part-time maid.

  • Full-time maids: Live-in workers who work six days a week, providing constant help and being available for emergencies.

  • Part-time maids: Great for smaller homes with less work, offering a choice and flexible scheduling.

Think about the pros and cons for each option when you're deciding what to do. You should think about things like how much privacy you want, if you need help all the time, and how much it costs to have a maid come work for you. Take time to think about your needs and wants in order to have a better chance of finding a maid in Singapore who is well-suited for your family.

Indonesian, Filipino or Burmese helpers?

Helpers from different countries may have varying strengths, skills and costs - it’ll be good to also take these into consideration. Agencies like Best Home Employment have provided some insights for your understanding.

Understand legal requirements

Hiring a maid in Singapore involves adhering to certain legal requirements set by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). As an employer, it is your responsibility to understand and follow these regulations. Doing so will ensure a smooth and lawful employment process.

Work permit regulations

1. Apply for a work permit for your maid through the MOM website, as it is mandatory for all foreign domestic workers in Singapore.

2. Familiarize yourself with the levy system. This system requires employers to pay a monthly fee to the government for hiring a foreign domestic worker.

3. Ensure that your maid undergoes a medical exam within two weeks of her arrival in the country and every six months, as mandated by the MOM.

Mandatory insurance

1. Purchase personal accident insurance for your maid. This will cover her in case of accidents, injuries, or death during her employment period.

2. Secure a medical insurance policy with a minimum coverage of SGD 15,000 per year for inpatient care and day surgery costs.

3. Consider purchasing extra insurance coverage, such as outpatient care or dental treatment. This will provide your maid with better protection and benefits.

By understanding and complying with the legal requirements for hiring a maid in Singapore, you can avoid potential issues or penalties and ensure a successful employment process. This also demonstrates your commitment to providing a safe and fair working environment for your future helper.

Choose a reputable maid agency: Best Home Employment

Working with a reliable and trustworthy maid agency, such as Best Home Employment, can simplify the hiring process. This will increase your chances of finding the right candidate for your household. Here's why partnering with us is the right choice for hiring a maid in Singapore:

Best Home Employment's track record

1. Established in 1996, Best Home Employment remains one of the most active and reputable employment agencies in Singapore.

2. With vast overseas networks, resources, and a commitment to excellence, our agency has helped countless families find the best match for their needs.

3. Best Home Employment takes pride in their training curriculum to ensure that their helpers are equipped with skills required to excel at their jobs. Our Director personally works with local trainers in home countries to impart knowledge to helpers even before finding their match, and training continues all the way till arrival in Singapore as well as post-deployment.

Expertise and personalized service

1. Our experienced staff at Best Home Employment are well-versed in handling complex employment-related enquiries and can guide you through the entire process.

2. We focus on providing the best customer experience and are committed to help you decide on the type of domestic help you need.

3. We have a database comprising all helpers’ data, which you may view from the comfort of your home to kickstart the selection process. We are transparent in their assessment of each maid and provide observations down to the details, including whether helpers wear spectacles or have any body tattoo. Their recruitment team is one phone call away from assisting you through the entire hiring process.

4. Not all agencies provide part-time help and Best Home Employment is one of the few in Singapore that can. If you require periodic help, we have just the service for you!

Peace of mind and ongoing support

1. When you choose Best Home Employment, you get peace of mind. You get a partner who will support you through the entire process of employing a foreign domestic helper.

2. Our commitment to your satisfaction ensures that you will receive the best customer service and support.

Don't miss the opportunity to create your best home with the help of Best Home Employment. Contact them now for a no-obligation consultation and experience a seamless process of hiring a maid in Singapore tailored to your needs. Partner with the experts and enjoy peace of mind as you find the perfect domestic help for your household.

Interview potential candidates

Once you have a shortlist of candidates provided by your trusted maid agency, such as Best Home Employment, the next crucial step is to conduct interviews. This will help you assess the candidates' personalities, work experience, and suitability for your household needs. While this is usually done through virtual means, Best Home Employment is one of the few agencies in Singapore that is eligible for the Advanced Placement Scheme, which means that we are able to bring in helpers even before they find a match. This allows employers to physically meet and interview prospective helpers, enabling a better understanding of selected candidates before confirmation.

Preparing interview questions

1. Create a list of relevant questions that address your specific requirements, such as childcare, elderly care, cooking, and cleaning.

2. Include questions about the candidate's previous work experience, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as their preferred work environment.

3. Consider asking situational or problem-solving questions to gauge their ability to handle challenging situations and make informed decisions.

Assessing personality and work experience

1. During the interview, observe the candidate's communication skills, demeanor, and attitude, as these are essential factors in establishing a harmonious working relationship.

2. Take note of their responses to your questions and determine whether their experience aligns with your household needs.

3. Discuss their expectations and ensure they have a good understanding of their duties and responsibilities.

Remember, finding the right maid for your home goes beyond their skills and experience; their personality and compatibility with your family are important. By conducting thorough interviews, you can make an informed decision and choose a maid who will be a valuable addition to your household in Singapore.

Do note that not all helpers are fluent in English and/or Mandarin as that is not their native tongue, it’ll be good if you could exercise patience and understanding when speaking and in future, working with them, and know that with time and training, their language skills will definitely sharpen! Best Home Employment’s recruitment team is happy to facilitate interviews, and they provide training courses as well as self-help programmes to aid helpers in this area as well.

Discuss employment terms and salary

After identifying a suitable candidate, it's essential to discuss and agree upon the employment terms and salary before finalizing the hiring process. This will help set clear expectations and ensure a harmonious working relationship. One important point for discussion would be on rest day(s) - do note that since January 2023, it is mandated by the Ministry of Manpower that all maids must have at least one rest day a month that cannot be offset by salary compensation.

Negotiating a fair salary

1. Research the average salary for maids in Singapore, considering factors such as their experience, skills, and the scope of their duties.

2. Be prepared to negotiate, taking into account the candidate's expectations and your budget.

3. Keep in mind that offering a competitive salary can help attract and retain a skilled and dedicated maid.

Establishing clear expectations

1. Clearly outline the job responsibilities, working hours, and any additional duties that the maid will be responsible for.

2. Discuss policies regarding off days, vacation, and public holidays, as well as any rules related to your household.

3. Ensure that both parties have a mutual understanding of the terms and conditions of employment, including the probationary period and the procedure for termination.

By discussing the employment terms and salary openly, you can establish a transparent and fair working relationship with your maid. This will help minimize misunderstandings and ensure that both you and your maid are on the same page, fostering a positive and productive environment in your Singaporean household.

Ensure a comfortable living environment

Creating a comfortable and respectful living environment for your maid is essential to maintaining a positive and long-lasting working relationship. This will not only help them feel valued but also contribute to their well-being and job satisfaction.

On top of a happy environment, do also give your helper physical and emotional space to rest and recharge!

Providing appropriate accommodations

1. Provide a private and comfortable living space for your live-in maid. Ensure they have access to basic amenities such as a bed, storage space, and privacy.

2. Make sure that the living conditions adhere to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore.

3. If your maid is part-time, ensure that they have a designated area where they can store their belongings and take breaks.

Respecting cultural differences

1. Take the time to understand your maid's cultural background, traditions, and customs, as this will help you build a respectful relationship.

2. Be mindful of their food restrictions or preferences, and accommodate them as much as possible.

3. Encourage open communication and provide a safe space for your maid to share their concerns, feedback, or suggestions.

By ensuring a comfortable environment and respecting your maid's cultural differences, you can create a positive atmosphere in your home. This will lead to higher job satisfaction and better performance from your maid.

Maintain a healthy working relationship

Having a good relationship with your maid is important for a happy and successful home. Talking, respecting each other, and giving feedback are key things for a good employer-maid relationship.

For helpers that are new to your family and Singapore, do give them some time to adapt and integrate into their new environment - after all, it’s not easy to come to a foreign land so far away from their loved ones!

Open communication channels

1. Establish clear lines of communication with your maid. Encourage them to voice their concerns, needs, or suggestions.

2. Foster an environment where your maid feels comfortable discussing any issues or challenges they may face in their work.

3. Address any misunderstandings or miscommunications in a calm manner. This will help avoid resentment or tension in the household.

4. Be patient with your helper if she’s not fluent in Mandarin/ English, it takes time to learn a new language. Explain things to her slowly and over time, communication will definitely become easier.

Regular feedback and evaluations

1. Give helpful feedback on your maid's work, showing their good points and what they can do better.

2. Have regular talks about their progress, deal with any worries, and make goals for the future.

3. Thank your maid for their hard work, as this will make them feel good and want to keep doing their best.

Keeping a good relationship with your maid makes your home a nice place to be. This helps your maid feel happy in their job and makes sure your home runs well, giving you peace of mind.


To sum it up, hiring the right maid for your home in Singapore is easier when you follow these top 7 tips. Knowing your needs, following regulations, and having a good relationship are key steps for easy and successful hiring. By using a trusted maid agency like Best Home Employment, the process becomes simpler and you get expert help to find the best maid for your home.

Don't wait to make your home better with a professional and caring maid. Contact Best Home Employment today for a free consultation and let our skilled team help you through the whole process. With Best Home Employment, you can feel calm knowing you have a partner ready to help you find the right maid for your home in Singapore.